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wine/dxvk: Help with testing


I've proposed some packaging changes [0] to Fedora wine package. TLDR: It
splits d3d libraries into subpackages and lays groundwork for future dxvk
packaging [1]. Details are in the PR.

*What is DXVK?*
Vulkan-based D3D11 and D3D10 implementation for Linux / Wine.

Fedora Upgrade - release criteria update proposal

We have encountered a bug[0] which seemingly “broke” offline updates after
systems were upgraded from an older Fedora to Fedora 29 and had some
multilib packages installed. After the discussion at last week's Release
Retrospective meeting, I am proposing some changes to our blocking
criterions in order to address similar issues in the future:

What we test now

We are currently blocking on upgrading from Fedora n-1 and n-2 releases
only with default package set installed.

What we can test

We can alter our upgrade test cases to also verify that updates after an
upgrade work.