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device-mapper: core: unable to allocate device, out of memory


On a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.10 which I am using as a Xen hypervisor to host virtual machines I encountered a problem where I can't create any LVM2 logical volumes anymore as it seems to strangely run out of memory.

On my Xen hypervisor I have assigned 2 GB of memory a pinned 2 CPU cores reserved for the hypervisor and have currently nothing running, not even a VM.



On an Ubuntu 17.04 system I try to surf to <a href="" title=""></a>. In chrome I
get the message:

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


Firefox has also the same issue.

Create "Live USB" withinn Ububntu

Hi All

I would like to find a (preferably GUI) tool to create a "Live USB" with
persistance from Ubuntu, I have so far used (mainly)

"123 Universial USB Installer" or "Rufus"

Boh had minor probs, 123 of late failed "IF" the internal formating function
was used but would work if USB was pre-formated "outside" of 123, persistance
was never a problem, but the last few versions have not even made a bootable
Live USB (with or without Persistance)

Rufus has always worked fine but does not have persistance feature

so I tried YUMI Multiboot, has persistance but again cant seem to make a

Grub consol "not seeing hd" partitions

Hi All

I have a query re Grub consol, I'm trying to prepare an erxternal USB for an
(EFI) Mac, to do so requires mounting the installed USB from the grub consol
(of a liveUSB)

1) I can't get to the grub consol of the live USB, shift brings the choose
language menu and "C" does nothing

2) So I installed the same version on a lappy top as the only system and can
get to grub from there (Shift then "C") but then grub can only see the disk
(HD1) not the partitions (HD1, gpt1), (HD1,gpt2) etc

3) If I let either installed system or LiveUSB run up I can then see the
partitions on sdb (sdb1,

Repost: Cannot print colors, Samsung C1810 Series


it is my last attempt here. Can sb help?