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Missing Dash/Panel/Launcher


Clean install of Ubuntu 16.04.4, worked fine, then update & dist-upgrade (to

Now all I have is wallpaper (background) Dash/Panel/Launcher missing, only
thing that shows (sometimes) is the update to 18.04.1 dialogue, then only for a
fraction of a second, it goes away before I can click anything, it will come
back lower on screen a bit later, and go again as quickly

I have tried all the normal solutions I can find, with no success


Advanced - Recovery - Resume

gets me in and running but would prefer been able to boot normally

Any pointers or tests to perform help f

Instant Karma (was A better flavour?)

Almost as soon as I posted "A better flavour" thread I myself had a bit of

I have a Compaq laptop that has bare 16.04 on (think 12.04->14.04->16.04) it
had been sidelined because a Ram modual had died and made it run like cold
Treacle, anyway I found a spare 128mb stick (so now 768mb some taken by
display) and did

sudo apt update -y && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y

sudo apt autoremove -y && sudo apt autoclean -y

shutdown now -r

all went well (a bit slow but...)

then I got cocky

sudo Scripts/rm-kernels

listed a large number of old & very old kernels so I clicked on all of them an

A better flabour?

Hi All

Truly are there some people who should not use Ubuntu?

I have a friend who seems able to kill or at least make unusable ever effort I
make to give him a Ubuntu system

I've done Live USB's (with & without persistance) run on both Mac & Wondowz

I managed an External HD install of 16.04.2 that ran from his AirBook

Then duel boot Win10 / Trusty

All have been destroyed & re installed more than I care to remember

My own Systems have been (for the most part) solid, my best, an old (32 bit)
12.04 that has been uped thru 14.04 and 16.04 to 18.04 (yes 18.04 does seem to

(No Subject)

Like to ask how do I disable the creation of a swap file during or before installation? Using liveusb.

I am not asking how to disable, delete the swap, ... after installation.


term vs .desktop Corrected


Corrected sorry

I can run a Wine app from terminal with

wine D:\path_to_app\App.exe -O

if I add

Exec=wine D:\path_to_app\App.exe -O

to app.desktop it does nothing

I can use

Exec=wine D:\path_to_app\App.exe

i.e. no cmdline parameter, it then works but is of no real use without the "-O"

Any pointers please

Also Icon=path_to_icon\app.png

does not work either, I just get the standard Wine icon

term vs .desktop


I can run a Wine app from terminal with

D:\path_to_app\App.exe -O

if I add

Exec=D:\path_to_app\App.exe -O

to app.desktop it does nothing

I can use


i.e. no cmdline parameter, it then works but is of no real use without the "-O"

Any pointers please

Also Icon=path_to_icon\app.png

does not work either, I just get the standard Wine icon

Re: Entry 60 error, software updater failed; can't find file /etc/apt/sources.list

Hi again Colin,

Sorry, i didn't register that as a file. doh. i found the file in the computer file list under files and folders, apt & i think this is the right one, etc/apt/ so here's what i found.

deb <a href="" title=""></a> oneiric partner
deb-src <a href="" title=""></a> oneiric partner

Is that what you mean? Would the detail from be useful?

i'm at a loss & out of my depth.

Problem w/ Software Updater, how to run Package Manager...Help

Hi all,

Software Updater won't run at all & i got the following error message in the drop-down below the warning icon, red circle with the horizontal white bar through it.

An error occurred, please run Package Manager from the right-click menu or apt-get in a terminal window to see what went wrong. The error message was: ‘Error: Opening the cache (E:Malformed entry 60 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list (Component), E:The list of sources could not be read.)’.

Output from 'groups' is suddently different to /etc/group

How would I know? I was just looking for something like VirtualBox, to
play around with a different distro. All in user space.

Now I would think twice about installing all that stuff.

As far as I remember, Synaptic did not tell me that I had installed
something ground-breaking, or that I had to log off or reboot
afterwards. Or are you expecting end-users to read the installation log?


Output from 'groups' is suddently different to /etc/group

Yes, but how would I know that the package I just installed has changed
group membership?

<a href="" title=""></a>


Generating a new ubuntu-keyring .deb to sign CD


Trying to follow this guide to create a custom 16.04 install CD:
<a href="" title=""></a>

When trying to generate a new ubuntu-keyring, I keep running into this
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -m"Name <email>" -kA5E86765
dpkg-buildpackage: source package ubuntu-keyring
dpkg-buildpackage: source version 2012.05.19-1
dpkg-buildpackage: source distribution unstable
dpkg-buildpackage: host architecture amd64
dpkg-source --before-build ubuntu-keyring-2012.05.19
fakeroot debian/rules clean
dh clean

Re: What is the universal (world wide) understanding behind degaussing hard disks?

03 April 2018 at 19:09, David Fletcher wrote:
Re: What is the universal (world wi (at least in part)

Whats wrong with Thermite, easy to make and the heat will far excede the Curie
temperature of any disk plater material, not to mention melting it

16.04 update/dist-upgrade

Hi All

After having hugep[1] problems following an attempt to get my old stable 16.04
system to hwe, I made a complete (Duel boot with Win7) fresh install from a
16.04.3 USB, the tried to run

~$ sudo update -y && sudo dist-upgrade

all went smoothly, but once I re-booted I was back to the previous unuseable
situation [1]

so I had to do a fresh install again (just Ubuntu side this time) again from my
16.04.3 media, I decided that untill I had more info I would not
update / dist-upgrade, thinking that I may be at end of road, if cant

meanwhile I downloaded the lat

Fail after update (more info)

Follow up to last

I tried to start in advanced with 4.4.09 and left running for 40 minutes (so
far) screen is purple with the dots, F6 shows Network Manager Scripting service
starting / started 100's of times and an (unnamed) "job is running for hold
till boot finishes "44mins 33 secs / no limit", is this a endless loop?

I made the error of tying the hwe kernel on 16.04.3 it was at 4.4.09 (iirc)
after it went to 4.4.13 but the sustyem when was unusable:-

Screen full of what looks like dead worms or a squiggle in middle of screen,
trying a terminal did not work (afaict)

I tried the adv

Fail after update


I made the error of tying the hwe kernel on 16.04.3 it was at 4.4.09 (iirc)
after it went to 4.4.13 but the sustyem when was unusable:-

Screen full of what looks like dead worms or a squiggle in middle of screen,
trying a terminal did not work (afaict)

I tried the advanced and run wotrh the old(er) kernel and tried to follow
instructions (AskUbuntu) to get back to the old system, but that then made the
whole system fail totally, had to wipe disk and reinstall Win7 then Ubuntu
16.04.3, after install i ran

Apt update
Apt dist-upgrade

and that 4.4.13 came back (noted on grub) and I

how to make sure bridge interface is up with netplan after reboot


I am using Ubuntu 17.10 and therefore Netplan which I have configured a bridge for a specific network interface for my Xen virtual machines. Unfortunately when I reboot the server that bridge interface is in state DOWN so that I have to manually set it up using "ip link set xenbr1 up" command.

device-mapper: core: unable to allocate device, out of memory


On a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.10 which I am using as a Xen hypervisor to host virtual machines I encountered a problem where I can't create any LVM2 logical volumes anymore as it seems to strangely run out of memory.

On my Xen hypervisor I have assigned 2 GB of memory a pinned 2 CPU cores reserved for the hypervisor and have currently nothing running, not even a VM.



On an Ubuntu 17.04 system I try to surf to <a href="" title=""></a>. In chrome I
get the message:

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.


Firefox has also the same issue.

Create "Live USB" withinn Ububntu

Hi All

I would like to find a (preferably GUI) tool to create a "Live USB" with
persistance from Ubuntu, I have so far used (mainly)

"123 Universial USB Installer" or "Rufus"

Boh had minor probs, 123 of late failed "IF" the internal formating function
was used but would work if USB was pre-formated "outside" of 123, persistance
was never a problem, but the last few versions have not even made a bootable
Live USB (with or without Persistance)

Rufus has always worked fine but does not have persistance feature

so I tried YUMI Multiboot, has persistance but again cant seem to make a

Grub consol "not seeing hd" partitions

Hi All

I have a query re Grub consol, I'm trying to prepare an erxternal USB for an
(EFI) Mac, to do so requires mounting the installed USB from the grub consol
(of a liveUSB)

1) I can't get to the grub consol of the live USB, shift brings the choose
language menu and "C" does nothing

2) So I installed the same version on a lappy top as the only system and can
get to grub from there (Shift then "C") but then grub can only see the disk
(HD1) not the partitions (HD1, gpt1), (HD1,gpt2) etc

3) If I let either installed system or LiveUSB run up I can then see the
partitions on sdb (sdb1,

Repost: Cannot print colors, Samsung C1810 Series


it is my last attempt here. Can sb help?