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Fedora 32: Deprecating WEXT


We're considering removing support for Wireless Extensions from
NetworkManager in Fedora 32 time frame.

A more modern Wi-Fi configuration API, cfg802111/nl80211, has been
available since 2007 and maybe there's no point in carrying the
maintenance burden anymore.

libnm-glib endgame

Hello Everyone,

with NetworkManager-1.0 release exactly three years ago, libnm-glib
library got deprecated in favor of a newer library, libnm. Throughout
those years libnm-glib received very little love, fell behind the
feature parity with libnm and was left with bugs unfixed.

While the old library was still kept around, it has became a
maintenance burden. A lot of effort was spent porting things to the
newer library and happily we're almost there now.

Heads up: Rawhide NetworkManager and RFC7217


starting with NetworkManager-1.2.0-0.3.20151112gitec4d653.fc24 the IPv6
connections will default to using the RFC7217 "stable privacy"
addressing mode for new connections.

This feature is intended to improve privacy of the IPv6 users by using
a different host part in each network while maintaining the address
stability (the address will remain the same when the user reconnects to
the same network).

NetworkManager 1.2 in Fedora 24


a major update to NetworkManager, a service that manages our network
connectivity is planned to be released later this year.

TLDR: If you're a maintainer of a VPN plugin, we'll reach out to you
with the port to new API soon. If you use libnm-glib your application
won't break, but libnm is better.

We plan to import a snapshot of the pre-release code very early
(probably in one week's time).

Anyone uses centerim?


I'm wondering if anyone uses CenterIM?

It hasn't seen an upstream update in a while. However, as long as it
works and doesn't have unpatched known security issues I'd prefer
keeping it in the package collection.

If there's anyone who'd like to maintain the package, I'd be happy to
pass it on -- it probably deserves a more caring maintainer.

Thank you,

Package reviewers (and comaintainers) wanted


I'd be very thankful if someone could help me with my review requests (I
can review a package of theirs if they need a review too).

Also, if anyone would like to (co-)maintain any of those packages (that
generally applies to all packages of mine), I'd be very glad to add

Here's the list:

Review Request: perl-Database-DumpTruck - Relaxing interface to SQLite
<a href="" title=""></a>

Review Request: python-scraperwiki - Local version of ScraperWiki libraries
<a href="" title=""></a>

Review Request: python-dumptruck - Relaxing

go2rpm: Tool to aid packaging Go modules


while attempting to package Go stuff I've created this tool that
automates the repetitive tasks in the similar manner to what cpanspec
does for Perl:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Hopefully some might find this useful.
Opinions, suggestions, fixes and enhancements are welcome.


Unresponsive maintainer: wolfy


Anyone knows how could I contact wolfy? I've tried to reach him at IRC
and known e-mail addresses, without a response. His FAS address bounces
and sponsor does not know how to contact him either.

I hope he's doing fine.

He maintains an EPEL branch of the package (Pound) I'd like to see in
epel7 and I'm wondering if he's willing to maintain the epel7 branch.

Thank you,

Packaging KDE Foundation 5 frameworks


I know it's a bit too early, but still better than late. I'd like to
know your thoughts about the way KF5 frameworks will be packaged for
Linux distributions.

I'm currently working on including Hawaii desktop (based around a Qt5
and Wayland-based compositor) in Fedora. We aim at delivering it around
two Fedora releases in future therefore it makes sense to work on
packaging already. It currently depends on frameworks from kdelibs
framework branch (currently it's probably just tier1/solid) and extra
cmake modules.

I'm wondering what's your position on naming the packages?

Orphanning some ruby gems

Hi, due to a shift in requirements and time constrains I just orphanned
or am about to orphan the following:

About to orphan in a couple of days:

rubygem-bacon -- A ruby-based testing framework
rubygem-configuration -- Pure Ruby scoped configuration files
rubygem-diff-lcs -- Provide a list of changes between two sequenced collections
rubygem-rack-test -- Simple testing API built on Rack
rubygem-syntax -- Ruby library for performing simple syntax highlighting
rubygem-test-spec -- Behaviour Driven Development interface for Test::Unit
rubygem-treetop -- A Ruby-based text parsing and inter

Linker trouble


I'm wondering if anyone could enlighten me about why does --as-needed
make a difference here?

Old/compat package naming


Alexander pointed out that I was suggesting a wrong name for Saxon 9
package [1]. In fact there's a couple of packages in repositories now
that violate the naming policy [2] in the very same way.