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Use of sfill -l ~; is it actually doing anything?


I'm using sfill to get rid of some naughty bits. I put sfill -l to work on
my home directory at about 2pm (about 7 hours ago) today, and it is still
chugging away. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on my Dell Latitude E5570 laptop.
The disk is 900GB in capacity and according to the System Monitor 26GB or
2% (apparently) is being used. Disk usage analyser says my home directory
consumes 18.6GB. There was a small break of about an hour or so when I put
my computer on standby.

Is sfill actually doing anything, and if it is, when should I expect it to



Use of Bluetooth to test programs.

I'm very ignorant of Bluetooth and of WiFi.

I appear to have two Ubuntu laptops that are "Bluetooth enabled", and I am
wondering on a very cursory level whether these computers can use Bluetooth
in lieu of a WiFi router to test two instances of a program that uses Java
sockets to exchange information peer to peer..

I am using WiFi when I test my programs at home, but cannot use WifFi if a
router isn't available - when I am demonstrating these programs to others,

What are my options?



How do I get rid of unusable application icon on launcher?


I have an application icon on my Ubuntu 16.04 launcher that doesn't seem to
work. This could possibly be because I moved the program to which it refers
soon after putting locking the icon to the launcher.

How does one remove stuff from the launcher that doesn't work?

Cannot connect to some wifi networks.

Hello people.

I was just wondering if anyone has had any issues connecting to some wifi
networks since last updating Ubuntu 16.04. If you think you can help,
please let me know what information will help you out, and I'll supply it.



Silly me... I think I may have succumbed to a possible phishing email...

I clicked on a link inside what I thought was a follow-up email sent to me
about a job application. If you want to know what the link was, you'll find
it here <>. I don't recommend
clicking it, because I don't know what it does; I supplied it merely in
case someone could inspect the link and advise. I tried to reply to the
sender and apparently the recipient's email server cannot be contacted.

Now, it appears that a whole swag of downloads are failing when I try to
connect to get patches.

Protecting a file from accidentally being sent.


I regularly apply for jobs, and regularly see where the advertiser asks for
a CV in the form of a file, does not place a restriction on the type of
file it is asking for. The file selection window opens, and I can select
any file from my desktop (the place where I keep my CV as well as other
files - ones I definitely don't want to send).

i don't think I have ever sent a file I definitely don't want to send, but
sometimes I have had to catch myself before I did.

Copy dialogue not appearing.

When I copy a large file, say from my desktop to a USB drive, I'm not
getting a copy dialogue. When I right click on the sidebar file icon (which
shows that a file is being copied), and select "Show copy dialogue",
nothing appears.

Have I done something to change some obscure setting somewhere?

LibreOffice bundled with Ubuntu 16.04.3.

Hello again.

In regard to my problems with LibreOffice in a recent message, I have just
downloaded, verified, and reinstalled the 16.04.3 LTS available from
canonical. This installation process seems to install a version of LO that
is older than the one available from the software centre.

I've remove the preinstalled LO and install LO Writer only. Even though
both installations say they are version 5, the installation from the
software centre has a completely different look and feel.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with LibreOffice?

Hello again.

My faith in LibreOffice has been tested these few years because it seems
that large pieces of it haven't been functioning for a while. The format
paintbrush mechanism apparently hasn't been working for about two years.

Recently, I've been trying to use LibreOffice for the first time after I
installed 16.04, and I find that the spell checker is broken for Australian
and UK English.

Setup for a dash cam.

I want to ask this question now, before I purchase a dash cam, because I
don't want to purchase one and find that it won't play with Ubuntu because
of flimsy bespoke compatibility minutiae.

Does anyone know a good hardware/software set up? I would think a dash cam
that recorded to a well known video format on a USB device that I could
mount simply by plugging it in is all I could ever need. Editing the
footage may be a concern at a later stage, but if it was, I would want to
worry about this at that later stage.

Anything like this?