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ISCSI target + LVM Problem


I have a LVM with 2 ISCSI disk mounted. The partition started presents
problem such " i/o error". I unmounted the device, and restarted target
server in scsi, wich as having some problems. After that i mapped iscsi and
trying to mount partition again but:
When i run the pvdisplay i get the following erro:

read failed after 0 of 4096 at 0: Input/output error

And cannot mount partition.

Best practices to manager multiples sysadmins working as root with multiple servers?


In my new company they have a lot of CentOS linux servers. I was wondering
what is the best practice do manage access root to a multiples sysadmin in
multiple servers.

Pupper? Ldap? Proxy Server with ssh?

Thanks for attention.

How to detect botnet user on the server ?

Hello guys,

Whats is the best way to identify a possible user using a botnet with php
in the server? And if he is using GET commands for example in other server.

Does apache logs outbound conections ?

If it is using a file that is not malicious the clam av would not identify.


de vírus.

What free memory range is safe to operate?


Hello, There's a official documentation telling which is the percent of
free memory is indicated to operate?A limit to Avoiding crashing, slow
performance, and memory warnings. What are the thresholds?

de vírus.