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NIC naming conventions and vmware

I have a couple of CentOS 7 machines running in a vmware environment. On
all the older ones I've deployed, the NIC is named ens160, but on all of
the new ones, it is named ens192. I can't find any difference in the
hardware that would account for this.

Any suggestions on what I can do to figure out why some are named ens160
and some ens192?


selinux policy with rsyslog and tls/certs

I've setup my rsyslog server to forward traffic to another rsyslog
server on my network. It's using gTLS to encrypt the messages in transit.

selinux is not allowing rsyslogd to read the certificates. They are
world readable, so I don't think that is the problem. When I turn
selinux mode to permissive, it works fine.

What context should the ssl certificates be in for rsyslog to be able to
read them?


Permission denied on NFS4 share with Ubuntu 14.04 client

I setup an NFS4 server on Debian 9. I have no issues with permissions on
other Debian clients I have tried (Jessie or Stretch Debian Versions).

However, I have 3 Ubuntu 14.04 servers, and I always get permission
denied errors on these servers.

I am not using Kerberos.

yum-cron hourly errors

I receive messages like this from cron often. Not every hour, and not
consistently between the servers running CentOS, but at least two per