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A new workflow for newcomers

Hello, as you can read here [1], the Fedora Join SIG is experimenting a
new people focused workflow for newcomers.

In two words: people willing to contribute, instead of sending them
directly to wiki pages or documentation sites, we would like to discuss
with them and keep them in the wheel, while they discover the
community, and look for a place where they are useful and happy to
This is not an enforcing process, of course. People can still directly
join (or ask to join) teams and follow SIG procedures as before.

License in spec file

I'm trying to build an RPM of a python package.
The LICENSE file of the python package states that it is released under
MIT license.

But there is a file,, where you can read:

Parts of `extract_components` are taken from the pypa packaging project
(<a href="" title=""></a>) which is dual licensed:

Fedora in GNOME Online Accountes

Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question.
Btw, on Fedora 31, in the Online Accounts list there is a "Fedora"
voice alongside "Google", "Nextcloud" and so on.

No More i686 Kernels, No i686 Repositories

I read the change set for F31 [1] and I read the threads in this list,
but now I'm a bit lost and a bit confused. So I don't want to reply to
the already existent thread, because I would like some clarifications.
I don't want to open a new endless thread. :-)

Could someone explain in simple words what that means for a Fedora

Self Introduction: alciregi

My name is Alessio.
FAS: alciregi

I work as an unpretentious sysadmin, mostly as the "IT guy".
I've been a long-time user/administrator of *nix systems, starting with
Red Hat Linux 6 in 1999. I've been a user of other distributions as
well. Yeah, just a user.
After some years of distro hopping, a couple of years ago I settled
down and now I use Fedora as my main workstation; in the same period I
decided to start to contribute.