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Samba won't start on Centos 7.3.1611

Hi folks,

I've been googling for an hour on this which seems to be awfully

Apache 2.2 EOL - what is Red Hat's story for RHEL6?

Hi folks,

I have been googling for a few weeks now and not finding anything.
Apache 2.2 is EOL at the end of this year.

Has Red Hat announced a plan yet on what they are doing in RHEL6?

I am assuming they will up-version from 6.9 to 6.10 and as part of
that upgrade from Apache 2.2 to Apache 2.4 ?


Suddenly OpenVPN not working - backgrounds prompt for username / password

Hi folks,

I'm on a fresh install of CentOS 7 and take my config that works on
Ubuntu on the same box.

Anyone have LibreSSL working on CentOS 6.5?

Hi folks,

I searched the list for LibreSSL and found only one mention of it!

Has anyone gotten this working? I have it compiling no problem, but
removing OpenSSL is another story of course. It seems to be compiled
with FIPS support and of course there is no such thing in LibreSSL -
that is something they tore out


Why does the startup disk creator suck so bad?

Hey folks, I love, love, love Ubuntu but holy crow the Startup Disk
Creator has been buggy as hell for quite a few releases now. I've
used it on numerous computers and releases - even VMs - and it always
requires a half dozen executions to format the USB drive before you
can install it.

What's up with that? I can't imagine it is something I'm doing wrong
but you never know. Could it be?

converting a RHEL box to CentOS

Hey folks,

Google found nothing in this list archives for me but did find this :
<a href="" title=""></a>

Before I just go try that on one of my systems can someone confirm
that it works?

I'm running RHEL 5.7 so I guess I'd replace the 5.4 in the URL with 5.7

Basically I let my RHEL licenses run out (never really used them) and
am getting warnings now from yum. Want to just switch over to the
CentOS repos.

Anything to be wary of doing this?


Grub2 problems

Hey folks,

So I wanted to resize my root LVM which requires a reboot into a LIve CD.
All went well - and while I was in there I wanted to rename it too
since now that I've decided to use this machine for virtualization it
makes sense to have the LV's named with the name of the domX in the

simple upgrade from Ubuntu 13.04 server beta2 to release?

Hi folks,

Release is only 2 weeks away now and I want to start playing around
with 13.04 so I downloaded and installed it.

Based on how easy Ubuntu in general is to upgrade from one release to
the next, is it safe to assume I won't have to reinstall my beta2 box
and will just be able to do an upgrade or a distro upgrade to get the
release code?

I checked the list archives for the answer but did not find anything'


3T drives showing up as 2.2T

OK, I kind of feared this might happen. I've got an old Sun J4400 24
disk array filled with 1T drives. I want to expand space by replacing
1T with 3T but the 3T drives are only showing up as 2.2 (2T even when
formatted ext4).

What are the possible variables here?

I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 (latest) server on an older 64 bit Sunfire
X2100M2 and a LSI JBOD card 3801E, and of course the aforementioned

Where is the most likely culprit?

Any way to get the 3T to show up?

GNUCash in 12.04 does not have an SQL option

Hey folks, my gnucash that I installed from apt-get on my 12.04
desktop does not seem to have an option to use a SQL (MySQL) database.
It only has XML

<a href="" title=""></a>

That link just sort of assumes you have SQL support and does not tell
you how to enable it.

Do I have to build this myself with SQL support, or is there a way to
add it with apt?

I don't see anything when I do "apt-cache search gnucash"

How to start Disk Utility from command line

OK, google is not getting me anything. I don't want to have to walk
into the server room to do such a simple thing but I can't figure out
how to start it from the command line.

I just want to ssh -X into my box and display it back here.

LSI 3801 JBOD card and Ubuntu 12.04 / 64 bit

Hey folks,

I've got a 12.04 install and need to connect a couple of old Sun J4400
arrays. The only card Sun will guarantee works with that is an LSI
3801 (ES). Well, there were 3 options - 2 LSI and an Adaptec.
That's the one I was able to get since they are older.

But I go to the LSI website and they only have drivers for SLES and
RHEL4,5 and 6.

Manual OOM killing?

Hey guys and gals,

Yesterday I had one of my scientists kill one of my servers when his
program ran amok and gobbled up all the memory, or forked too many
processes, or I'm just not exactly sure what to be honest.

Is there something I can run manually in cron to look for rampant
programs and kill them? I know that may be hard to discern but I
could also include a list if "known good" programs not to kill, as
well as a list of "known suspect" user IDs

Anyone ever done this? Searching the list on "OOM" does not bring up much.


RAID card selection - JBOD mode / Linux RAID

I don't think this is off topic since I want to use JBOD mode so that
Linux can do the RAID. I'm going to hopefully run this in CentOS 5
and Ubuntu 12.04 on a Sunfire x2250

Hard to get answers I can trust out of vendors :-)

I have a Sun RAID card which I am pretty sure is LSI OEM.

Need libstdc++5 in 12.04 (or StorMan that does not require it)

Hey folks,

I just picked up storman_6.40-17558_amd64.deb (actually picked up the
RPM and used alien to convert)

It wants libstdc++5 but Ubuntu comes with 6 now.

I did some googling and have not been able to locate anything that works for me.


Dedup FS on 5.8

Hey folks,

I have a 14TB disk array that I want to use for rsnapshot backups, and
am considering putting a dedup FS onto it. I know I've got about a TB
of duplication, at least. And it is not easy to remove manually.

Google lands me LessFS and SDFS as the prime candidates.


pvcreate limitations on big disks?

OK folks, I'm back at it again.

biggest disk partition on 5.8?

Hey folks,

I have a Sun J4400 SAS1 disk array with 24 x 1T drives in it connected
to a Sunfire x2250 running 5.8 ( 64 bit )

I used 'arcconf' to create a big RAID60 out of (see below).

But then I mount it and it is way too small
This should be about 20TB :

[root@solexa1 StorMan]# df -h /dev/sdb1
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdb1 186G 60M 176G 1% /mnt/J4400-1

Here is how I created it :

./arcconf create 1 logicaldrive name J4400-1-RAID60 max 60 0 0 0 1 0 2
0 3 0 4 0 5 0 6 0 7 0 8 0 9 0 10 0 11 0 12 0 13 0 14 0 15 0 16 0 17 0
18 0 19 0 20 0 21

11.10 detects no NICs running in Xen domU

He folks,

I've been working on this problem for quite some time now

dom0 is running on RHEL5.7 and I want to install Ubuntu 11.10 in a domU

So I've done a considerable amount of googling and reading the last 2
days, and finally figured out how to configure dom0 xen for 2 NICs.
For the longest time I was not seeing what I was expecting to see
doing 'ifconfig' on dom0. Now I see :

eth0, eth1, lo, peth0, peth1, vif0.0, vif0.1, vifX.0, vifX.1, xenbr0, xenbr1

And I have confirmed with a CentOS 5.8 domU that the NICs are working.

But damned if I can get them working under Ubuntu 11.10.

process accounting on 5.7

Hey folks,

I turned on process accounting and had a peek at the man page for dump-acct
but I am still left wondering how best to make use of this info.

We want to be able to produce some monthly stats on which labs are using
how much of our clusters.

debugging RAM issues

Hey folks,

I have 1 system ( Sunfire x2250 running 5.7 ) that is having issues with
RAM, but I'm not sure how to debug it. And unfortunately it is not under
support anymore.

I started the job about 4 months ago and when I came aboard the guy who
handed stuff over to me told me this issue was on his list of things he was
unable to get to yet. He told me he'd seen errors in the past in the Sun
ILOM message log, but unfortuantely he did not record exactly what the
messages were.

Fast forward a bit and I've had problems with this machine.

OT: Anyone out there using Openfreezer?

If so, could I ask you a few questions?

I am in contact with their tech support as well but I think someone here
could be more helpful if they are using it.

My questions are technically OT for this list since it pertains to moving
from RHEL 5.7 to Ubuntu 11.11

Though it is really about Python / Apache config.

schily tools

Hey folks,

I'm reading up on gtar for tape archiving and it sounds kind of nasty and
not something I really want to rely on.

It looks like star from the schily tools is preferred.

gtar compression achieved

Hey folks,

I looked at the man page and don't see any way to do this - maybe it is a
function of the compression program used I dunno.

Is there any way to get gtar to report on the compression it achieved?

I can't just check file sizes because I'm writing data to tape.

The basic problem is that I know how much data is there to begin with but I
don't know how much room it took up on the tape so I have no idea how much
room is left on the tape.


gnome "Network Connections" woes

I've had this happen before and don't recall how to get out of it.

I am in Gnome and opened the "Network Connections" window, and I don't
have the "root" commands showing.  I hover over some buttons and it
say "Authenticate to Edit" for example for the Edit button.

OT: anyone out there with Oracle ZFS appliance?

I'll ask more specific questions if so :-)

Need to pull some usage data via a script and Oracle suppport says it
can't be done.

I have trouble believing that.

Is Amanda "vaulting" what I need for archiving data?

Hi folks,

I've got a bit of a different scenario than I imagine most, and have spent
the last 60 or 90 minutes searching Amanda list archives and googling, but
did not come up with anything much. Then I went browsing around the
Amanda website and found "vaulting" and was wondering whether this would
suit my needs.

I'm basically searching around for a backup solution and trying to decide
whether to use something off the shelf or just roll my own with gtar. It
is important to me that my solution use standard tools like dump/restore /
gtar on the back end, which is how I ended up at Amanda.

EPEL not working ... is it just me?

This is very strange - has been happening the last few days.

monitoring space in directories

Hey folks,

Is there a Linux tool that will monitor a disk and tell me which
directories are growing over time?
I could cobble something together myself of course, but if there is already
a good off-the-shelf solution, why bother?

Even if it only checks once per day that would be fine. Graphs would be
pretty too :-)


lm-sensors on Sun hardware

Hey guys and gals,

Anyone have any experience with getting lm-sensors to run on Sun hardware?

In particular Sunfire x2250 and x4170

I was running 5.3 on these boxes and sensors-detect would not find
anything. I did a bit of research and as I recall thanks to this list
discovered some bugs that were affecting me, so upgraded to 5.7. CPU temp
sensors were then detected, but no fan sensors. At least on the x2250.
The x4170 still detects nothing.