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New SIG Messaging

Creation of a new SIG "Messaging"

Hereby, I'm asking for comments about founding a new SIG to handle
messaging stacks in CentOS. We currently have in CentOS RabbitMQ
handling AMQP 0.9, and QPID, which provides messaging using
AMQP 1.0. There are also packages supporting Kafka, but not
Kafka itself.

Collaborating SIGs would be the Cloud and the Opstools SIGs.
Both would be consuming built packages produced by the Messaging SIG.

We also briefly took into consideration to incorporate the newly
proposed SIG into one of the others.

Email alias for SIG members?


I recently thought about the possibility of getting an email alias for
SIG members. That should not be forwarded to a mailing list.
Would something like that be possible? Idea is to spam people in charge
directly. It can contain sensitive data, or data not belonging to
mailing lists, like certificates, build failures, that kind of thing.

Other than that, all communication should be kept public, IMHO.

So: would it be possible to get an email alias like
<sig-name> to forward emails? If yes, what would be the


Bot account for opstools-sig


as follow-up on the CentOS dojo in Geneva, I'm hereby requesting
a bot account for the Opstools SIG.

There are listed two requirements[1]:

- the account name is the shortname for the SIG: I'm proposing
- The email on the account must be deliverable to someone who can change
the certificate on the production environment.

The opstools SIG uses RDO gerrit for kicking off builds. So, either
we'd need here the email address of someone with such access to RDO
gerrit. I currently have no such login.

Django 2.0 released, and what it means to you


tl;dr if you're not maintaining/using a Django related package,
you can safely skip this message.

Django 2.0 was released quite recently. While it is mostly compatible with
earlier versions, the SIGNIFICANT change is, to drop support for Python 2.

I'm intending to update Django in Rawhide to 2.0 in 2 weeks. If you're
maintaining a package depending on Django, please make sure to disable
the python2 subpackage.

regular meeting June-14 2017


we'll have the next opstools SIG meeting on Wed, June 14 2017, 18:00

The meeting will be held in #centos-devel on freenode.

If you're interested in tools for operators, have questions,
suggestions,... you're kindly invited to participate.

See you then,


Getting opstools content to mirror.c.o


what's the process to get the opstools content released for testing
purpose on buildlogs.c.o over to a more "official" location on
the mirrors? What do we need to do to get rpms signed there?


weekly meeting


we're having a weekly meeting on Wednesdays at 18:00 UTC.

Currently, there is not that much going on in opstools. Thus I'd propose
to skip weekly meetings until there is something which needs to be
discussed in a chat meeting.

Thoughts, objections?


overwriting package provided config files


for opstools-ansible[1], which installs a monitoring server, we had the
brief discussion of overwriting/replacing package provided config files
vs. adding changes to a .d directory for the application.

Specifically, this was the request for collectd.

review swap


I have 2 easy Python reviews up for swapping

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

One depends on the other, both are easy picks.

skipping meetings on Dec 21 and Dec 28


the subject says it all: we're going to skip those meetings.

See you in 2017,

Best, Matthias

orphaning python-ladon


due to lack of time, and because I don't use it any more, I'm hereby
orphaning python-ladon. It's a low maintenance package.

Feel free to pick it up.


Weekly meeting

Hello there,

We have scheduled a weekly meeting on Wednesdays at 18:00 UTC.

Is there an issue for folks to participate, since we all switched
to winter times?

Otherwise I'd propose to keep meetings going at the same day/time, and
see you next week.


contributions to opstools and notification of changes


we're moving forward with enabling contributions to opstools. As you
probably know, the repositories live on Github[1]

Over the next few days/weeks, we'd move for submissions from pull
requests to using a gerrit based setup hosted here [2]

Now the question: we can have an irc bot notifying on new patches; would
it be considered to noisy/unfriendly to get the notifications on
#centos-devel ?

Will miss this weeks meeting (+next one)


sorry for the short notice: due to a conflict I'll probably miss today's

Next week I'll be in Barcelona for the OpenStack Summit and won't make
it to the meeting as well.

See you either in Barcelona or in 3 weeks on #centos-devel.


proposal to skip this weeks meeting


I'm traveling this week and won't be near any internet during meeting
time. Let's skip it this week. If you have anything opstools related,
please send it to the list.


Brief wrap-up from last meeting on Aug 24


unfortunately, the meeting minutes are still not available. Nevertheless
I wanted to share, what we've discussed.

<a href="" title=""></a>

(In brief: missing packages on the logging side, CI next steps, use of a
bug tracker).

For this week, I won't be able to make it to the meeting. See you next
week. Should we cancel it or do we have a volunteer?


nodejs in centos


for opstools, we'll need nodejs in a repo, I've seen the Cloud SIG
creating their version, PaaS has done the same (just illustrating, I may
be wrong).

This is mostly a mail to ask for interested persons to join or
coordinate efforts here. No need to do the same work multiple times.

What would be the best repository for cross-SIG dependencies?


weekly meeting


I would like to invite you all to the weekly opstools meeting on
Wednesdays at 18:00 UTC (that's directly after the PaaS meeting)

It happens on freenode, #centos-devel

The first meeting will be on Aug 17th.

Agenda for Aug 17th
- introductions (persons, expectations)
- rpm/git repositories
- ci
- ...

See you all there,


weekly meeting time


to make further progress, we should schedule weekly meetings for the
newly founded and approved SIG Opstools

The link to the poll is here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

If you're interested in opstools and would like to participate, your
feedback is appreciated! Even if you can't make it and we need to change
the poll/add times.


next steps


it looks like the OpsTools SIG was approved[1]. *yay*!

So, the next steps should be to create a build target, tags.
I would like to rebuild or to retag builds already built
under a tag of the cloud SIG.

What would be the preferred way here? Rebuild? Just tag?


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

license change python-gevent-websocket


license for python-gevent-websocket changed from BSD to ASL 2.0.
As additional note, upstream changed their repository, the author stayed
the same.


Operational tools SIG (was logging and monitoring...)


I would like to re-iterate my interest in having a SIG in CentOS
to provide all kinds of tools for operators providing
infrastructure by using CentOS.

The scope should be more than just simply packaging applications.
Another part should be to provide puppet manifests or ansible playbooks
to get things quicker up and running.

Ideally, I would start with providing something like
* elsasticsearch/fluentd/kibana for centralised logging
* collectd/graphite/grafana for performance monitoring
* sensu/uchiwa for availability monitoring

We have already seen around 10 persons interested in he

Interest in a SIG for logging and monitoring?


I wonder, if there is more interest here for starting a logging and
monitoring SIG. It should provide (as the name says) for logging and

Intend to upgrade Django to 1.9.2+ in rawhide


Django-1.9 was released some time ago, currently we have
Django-1.8 in rawhide, f23 and f22.

It makes sense to upgrade, if we want fedora to stay a development platform.

A scratch-build to test can be found here:
<a href="" title=""></a>


Orphaning python-xhtml2pdf


I'm orphaning python-xhtml2pdf. It has been more or less dead upstream
for years.


Django-1.7 for Fedora 21


in Fedora 21, we have Django-1.6. Django-1.7 was released a few weeks
ago. As we're in feature freeze, but still pre-beta. I'd like to ask for
opinions, if an upgrade to Django-1.7 would be still acceptable.

I have a copr available containing Django-1.7 [1]



[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

python-django update to Django-1.6


recently, I saw a few requests to update python-django to Django-1.6,
the corresponding bug is [1].

As there are quite a few changes, I'd expect this update to be harmful,
at least
- python-django-openstack-auth
- openstack-dashboard

will break, and won't even build any more (because they also execute
sanity checks during build).

So, the current plan is, to fix both packages upstream and then to
update python-django to Django 1.6 in rawhide.

Django-1.5 for F19


recently, we introduced python-django14 for F19, to provide a
compatibility package for those packages not working with Django-1.5 and
requiring an older Django-1.4.

If you know, your django-package does not work with Django-1.5 or are in
doubt, please change in your spec-file

Requires: python-django
Requires: python-django14

In a week, I will upgrade python-django to Django-1.5.1, in the mean
time, I'll file bugs against packages including patches.

Django-1.5 in rawhide


recently, I've built Django-1.5 (as python-django) in rawhide. If
there's interest in keeping Django-1.4, there is a review request [1]

Currently, there are just a few Django packages compatible with
Django-1.5[2]. The whole think smells after making a Django15 feature
for F20.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Django-1.5 build

Dear list,

Django 1.5 was released about two days ago. I'd like to push a build to
rawhide, but I assume, that will break many dependent packages.

The plan is, to delay the push, until other packages are fixed, or to
push in about 14 days.

I have a scratch-build build ready, one might to try, it should install
cleanly e.g. on Fedora 18.

<a href="" title=""></a>