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How to distribute shoes app ?

Greetings my beloved rubyists,

After strolling through the gardens of Java, clojure into the dark caves of

I'm back home to Ruby. I recently got to know about this beautiful tiny GUI
framework called shoes.

How can we distribute a simple Shoes app ?

Is it :

1. Ask the end user to install shoes.
2. Ask him to run your Ruby script.

Thank you !

Command-line utilities with ruby.

Hi Rubyists,

Im planning to create simple cli utilities in ruby .. The end user should
have a ruby installed to run my utilities.. is there a way around this..?

I don't want to switch to a compiled language because i feel confident with
ruby and I love it.

Your views are well respected.

Yours Faithfully,

Learned some basic do I become a rubyist now ?

Hello rubyists,

I'm done with some basic ruby.

What should be my next step?.

Thank you !

Slack channel dedicated to ruby

Hello rubyists,

I joined slack newly and was dumbfounded to know all the communities of
different languages.
Even ruby on rails has one.I think we need a ruby-specific slack channel.

What do y'all say ?

yours faithfully,


I was so wrong !

Hi my lovely rubyists,

Tried Ruby on rails today,I used to slam rails for over-shadowing ruby as a
language but I was so wrong. It was so naive of me to criticize rails
without trying it properly. After using it thoroughly, I can see why Rails
is synonymous with Ruby . Let's hope Rails gets better with every version.

Beautiful. Fast. Addictive.

Beautiful Ruby. Beautiful Rails

Yours sincerely,

Surya Poojary.

Should i update to ruby 2.5

Hi my lovely rubyists,

i was thinking about updating to ruby 2.5 from 2.4.2 . Since it a sensible
move at this time or should i wait for some more months?
Will Rails work with 2.5?

Thanks !!

Yours faithfully,

Surya Poojary.

Any good book on hanami framework?

Good morning my beloved rubyists,

Hope you are doing well. Recently,i came across hanami while reading a
blog. I was hoping to find books on hanami,but to no avail. Kindly help me
out .

Yours sincerely,

Surya Poojary.

How to connect to MySQL using ActiveRecord?

Hi rubyists,

How do I connect to a MySQL database using ActiveRecord?

Yours Sincerely,

Surya Poojary

Ruby for hacking(penetration testing)

Hi Rubyists,
Is there an ruby equivalent of grey hat Python or violent python.After
extensive search on the internet,I'm not able to find any book on
aggressive ruby or pentesting in Ruby.All I could find was metasploit and
python books.

Thank you for such an awesome community!!

Yours sincerely,

Surya Poojary

When to use blocks?

When to use blocks and yield in ruby code.A practical example will be

Thank you!!

Yours sincerely,
Surya Poojary

Ruby without Rails?

Hi Rubyists!

I'm a beginner who is trying to learn Ruby. I have noticed how people
always link rails to ruby,I'm sure it's one hell of a framework and does
boosts Ruby's popularity.But I wanted to know if ruby can hold its own
against other languages if there is no rails.

Just a question from a newbie.

Yours Sincerely,

Surya Poojary.