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difference between setting up an alias in virtual_alias_maps and virtual_mailbox_maps?

What is the difference between setting up an alias in virtual_alias_maps
and virtual_mailbox_maps?

I can make alias@domain point to a mailbox by pairing it with the path
to the maildir in virtual_mailbox_maps but it seems if I do that the
alias can only point to one mailbox not multiple.


user@domain     /path/to/user@domain/

alias@domain    /path/to/user@domain/

this works OK but if I was to do

user1@domain     /path/to/user1@domain/

user2@domain     /path/to/user2@domain/

alias@domain    /path/to/user1@domain/

alias@domain    /path/to/user2@domain/

this doesnt work.

transport_maps for autoreply

Im trying to configure Postifx to pass mail to a custom Python script
which performs an out of office autoreply function.

The server has virtual mailboxes only no local unix accounts.

I have set Postfix to send mail to the script if there is an entry in
transport_maps. If a user sets up an autoreply for their mail box an
appropriate entry is put in transport_maps

However it appears to be impossible using this method to then have the
Python script re-submit the message using the sendmail command for
delivery into the mailbox.

Full text search not matching 2 letter word

Im trying to run a full text query on a two letter keyword 'K7'. I have
set ft_min_word_len=2 and restarted the server and if I view the system
vars in Mysql Workbench it shows it is set correctly.

I have then dropped and re-created the index on the descrip column. It
is an InnoDB table so I cannot do repair table.

Im running the following query which I expect to match the following
record but it doesnt.

Creating Spec file for RPM

Im trying to learn how to create RPMs but am a little confused by the
spec file.

Im trying to package up some Python scripts, rather than binary files,
and I want them to be installed in a subdirectory under /usr/local which
I shall refer to as /usr/local/X

Ive put the scripts in a tarball under /home/me/X/RPM/SOURCES

but Im getting terribly confused over what to put in the  %build
%install and %files sections

If I set $RPM_BUILD_ROOT to /home/me/X/RPM/temp then put


%setup -q

that will unpack the tarball, yes?, but where to, /home/me/X/RPM/temp ?

how would I then tell it to