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__gthrw___pthread_key_create in devtoolset-6

Hello good people

I'm packaging for CentOS 7 a piece of proprietary software. The software is
written in C++14, so I need to use the devtoolset to run it.

Unfortunately I'm having some issues with linking of pthreads.

Segfault on /usr/bin/strip

Hello Centos developers,

After upgrading a Centos7 builder, I started to get a segmentation fault
when using `install -s`.

As it turned out, this is related tu /usr/bin/strip, which indeed goes

I wasn't able to find this in the redhat bugzilla.

Building a package for RedHat

Hello Centos developers,

My company would like to use Red-Hat/Centos as a target system for releasing
(proprietary) software.

In order to do this properly, I've constructed an infrastructure which
allows to build those packages, wrapping mock and other tools.