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Use of ProxyPassReverse

Hi all,

I am trying to connect my Apache webserver with my backend tomcat server. I
am using ProxyPass to do the same. Is there a need to put ProxyPassReverse
also along with it? I am not able to understand the working functionality
of the two in depth. Could someone please elaborate on the same .



Hi all,

I am trying to run a fast CGI program on apache using fcgistarter. I am
running the following command-
./fcgistarter -c <path of my fast CGI application> -p 1122 -N 1

However no process has started on this port. Is there any way of checking
if this is working properly?


Using redis for caching Apache requests


I am trying to cache the requests coming on my Apache web server using the
mod_socache_redis module. After loading the module, I am sending a request
from Apache to my redis server in the following format-
SSLSessionCache redis://localhost:4321
4321 is the port on which the redis server has started.
However when I am checking the status of my redis server, there is no
update of the apache requests. Can anyone please guide me on how to go
about this? Particularly on how to set my request values onto the redis
cache directly from Apache.


How to start perl script using FCGID module


I am trying to run a perl script using fcgid module.
I have loaded mod_fcgid module.

I have created a directory in apache called fcgi-bin and added the below
snippet to my httpd.conf file.
<Directory '/home/ananya/apache-http-connector/apache-2.4.29/fcgi-bin/'>
AddHandler fcgid-script .pl
AllowOverride All
Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks +ExecCGI
Require all granted

And have also added -
ScriptAlias /fcgi-bin/

My perl program is a simple hello world programme as follows-

print("Content-Type: tex

Use of proxypassReverse


Can someone tell me in detail the difference between proxypass and
I have just read links stating that proxypassreverse is used for "redirect"
request. But I am not understanding how.


How to connect Apache and Tomcat using http2 protocol


I am trying to connect Apache and Tomcat using HTTP2 protocol.