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3rd party authentication - mod_auth_openidc

We're investigating the use of mod_auth_openidc<> for our applications that require 3rd party authentication (Facebook, Google, & etc). Does anyone have experience with this module? If so, has it proven to be reliable/stable?

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Tracking URL usage

I am looking for an Apache module that allows me to track the number of times each URL is requested on my Apache Web Server. Does such a module exist or is there another project that does this?

Jay Leggett

Authentication options besides basic

We have an internal site that uses basic authentication and is backed by LDAP. However, we would like to move to a more secure solution that uses a login page instead of the browser prompt for entering userid/password. We switched to using form authentication, but it passes credentials as tokens in the session. Is there a more secure option besides basic and form authentication?