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Some questions regarding Apache HTTP Server ServerLimit (Too Many Child Processes)


I'm using Apache HTTP Server 2.2.32 on Linux.

I see that too many child processes are being made on Apache HTTP Server.

Child processes are being made up to 256 on Apache HTTP Server.

Apache HTTP Server is using ServerLimit default value(256).

Q. Could you please provide me how to set ServerLimit value greater than
ServerLimit default value(256) on Apache HTTP Server?

Q. Could you please give me any advice for reducing be being made too many
child processes on Apache HTTP Server?


httpd processes are too many created from Apache 2.2.31 on Linux Server.


I'm using Apache 2.2.31 on Linux Server.

I've faced an issue that Memory Utilization is over 80% on Linux Server.

When I checked /var/log/messages on Linux Server, I found out that httpd
processes were too many created on Linux server.

Jan 6 18:39:00 <server name> kernel: [621588.393289] Out of memory: Kill
process 4577 (httpd) score 16 or sacrifice child
Jan 6 18:39:00 <server name> kernel: [621588.402442] Killed process 4577
(httpd) total-vm:709776kB, anon-rss:124196kB, file-rss:0kB

When I checked Apache error logs, I found out below errors from Apache
error logs at the same ti