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authselect: owning configuration files under /etc/authselect

Hello list,
Igor suggested in authselect pull request that authselect should own
configuration files in /etc/authselect.

See: <a href="" title=""></a>

More specifically:
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/dconf-db
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/dconf-locks
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/fingerprint-auth
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/nsswitch.conf
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/password-auth
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/postlogin
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/smartcard-auth
+ %ghost %{_sysconfdir}/authselect/system-auth
+ %ghost

authselect: what to do with systemd and nss-mdns that modify nsswith.conf


systemd and nss-mdns packages modifies nsswitch.conf in their %post
scriptlets which creates conflicts with authselect on systems that are
configured by authselect. This needs to be solved somehow.

Originally, I wanted to create an authselect command that can be used by
packages on systems that are configured by authselect and on systems
that are configured with different ways [1].

nsswitch.conf: list of module packages that enables themselves

This e-mail is long so I just put the question here before explanation:

Do you know about any package that installs an nsswitch.conf module and
automatically enables it in /etc/nsswitch.conf? So far I have two
packages - nss-mdns and systemd.


As you might have noticed, in Fedora 28 we switched from authconfig to
authselect. This brought some adoption issues and feature requests which
we tried hard to resolved, mostly related to nsswitch.conf. Thank you
for all your feedback.

At this point I am aware of only one nsswitch.conf related issue that we
would like to fix.