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Understanding Fedora's use of systemd presets and packaging requirements

I'm generally familiar with how systemd presets work but I'm at a bit of
loss as to how part of all the magic works.  To best explain my
confusion, let me say that I make a customized live spin of Fedora and I
have a package we'll call "my-dist" which is similar in nature to the
"fedora-release" package in that it provides a custom preset file.  I
still use fedora-release because this spin is not *that* customized, so
it's best to think of this as an extension.  I have another package
we'll call "my-service" which has a systemd service unit file and all
the usual %systemd_post, etc.

latest rubygem-puppet-lint for F29 is from F23???

I know it's not unusual to carry builds over from prior releases.  My
understanding is that happens because there was no mass rebuild. 
However, when I look at the F29 repo I see
rubygem-puppet-lint-1.1.0-2.fc23.noarch.rpm.  Was there really no mass
rebuild between F23 and F29?  This package is severely outdated --
upstream has v2.3.6 and v1.1.0 dates back to 2014.  It looks like a
build hasn't succeeded in Koji since F23.  I don't know why because I
don't see any build logs for any of these failures.  I also was under
the impression that FTBS packages like this get culled.

Is my understandin

sqlite + django pains and serious bodhi confusion

After upgrading this morning I ran into some nasty issues with
sqlite-3.26.0-1.fc29 which seems utterly broken now with
python3-django-2.0.9-1.fc29 as described in this bug[0].  I thought I'd
start by consulting
<a href="" title=""></a> to see what
changed but much to my surprise the newest build I see there is
sqlite-3.22.0-5.fc28!  Huh?  Where are the f29 builds?  I only found the
very helpful bug report after clicking through on the newest related
build[1] for spatialite-tools (whatever that is) and only then because
@plotrp "Clicked wrong -1 button"