Postings by David Demelier

Proposal: new really minimal 'System' group (Core reduced more)

Hello all,

I was searching a very possible minimal dnf group for chroot builds. It
looks like the 'Core' group already minimal contains lots of packages
that may be unneeded in containers/chroot scenarios.

Proposal to remove NetworkManager from Core group

Hello all,

Since systemd-networkd is a mature network system daemon nowadays,
NetworkManager can be avoided in many cases where people do not need
desktop features.

I propose to remove NetworkManager from the “Core” group and mark it as
optional or eventually move it into a dedicated group. Perhaps “Common
NetworkManager Submodules”?

What do you think?

Empty debugsourcefiles.list when building out of source


I'm trying to upgrade my OpenRCT 2 package [0] to fedora 27.

It looks like something changed regarding the generation of debug files because
I can't get it to build a .rpm anymore.

I get:

Processing files: OpenRCT2-debugsource-0.1.1-1.fc27.x86_64
error: Empty %files file /home/markand/rpmbuild/BUILD/OpenRCT2-0.1.1/debugsourcefiles.list

I guess this comes from the CMake invocation which is out of build as the
CMakeLists.txt in OpenRCT 2 requires building in a dedicated directory (they
forbid cmake . directly in source).

What should I do?