Postings by Jim Byrnes

Software repository failure

I was trying to update Ubuntu 18.04 on a laptop I seldom use and got a
message saying it could not connect to a repository check your internet
connection. Nothing was wrong with the connection. It did not say which
repository it could not connect to, so what log do I look at to identify it?

Regards, Jim

Consequences of removing venv

My Linux mint18 system recently wanted to up date python 3.6.

Upgrade to python 3.6 wants to delete python3-dev & python3-venv

This happened on a machine running Mint 18.1, I haven't had a chance to
check if it happens on one running Ubuntu.

I installed python 3.6 to use in a virtual environment. Now an update
wants to delete python3-dev and python3-venv. Checking to see if anyone
has done the update and whether or not it has caused any problems.

Thanks, Jim

Is http://security/ down?

Hadn't used my notebook running Mint 18 for a while so there were a ton
of updates. Most of them finished fine. Then I started getting errors
<a href="" title=""></a>.
404 not found. Seems most of them have pool in the url. Probably have a
dozen such errors.

Thanks, Jim

Need name of firefox feature

In firefox 59 there was a feature that displayed icons for your 10 most
visited sites in each new tab you opened. After I upgraded to firefox 60
they no longer display.

What was that feature called? So I can try to get it working again.

Thanks, Jim

Update to python3.6 breaks pip

This happened to me on a system running Mint 18. I received an update to
python 3.6 the other day.

email security?

I run thunderbird on various flavors of Ubuntu in text mode.

Is there any risk in just opening a suspicious email using thunderbird
in Ubuntu?

If there is risk does using text mode mitigate it any?

Would opening it in print preview make it less risky?

Regards, Jim

How to report a problem with a flatpax?

The problem I had was on my laptop after I had updated the Mint
partition to 18.3. I hope this not considered off topic.

I decided to try out a flatpax installation, so I installed the GnuCash
flatpax version. It installed and ran fine, but I got an error when I
clicked on a help topic. Turns out there is a separate docs package that
was not installed. I went back to Software Manager and installed it the
normal way but help still didn't. I assume because the flatpax version
was isolated from the system.

Build id vs Version number in Synaptic

Why do some packages use a build id to show the latest version and
others seem to use a version number? For example Libreoffice Calc shows
a build id while Firefox shows a version number.

This sometimes makes it difficult to determine how current a package in
a repository is when comparing it to a version of a program you may have
seen on the net.

Regards, Jim

How to change the permissions of files in a directory recursively

How can I leave the permission of a directory at 755 and change the
permissions of all of it's files to 766? Everything I have tried and
what I have found googling ends up setting the dir and file permissions
the same.

So if I have /var/www/html/foo/ I want foo to remain at 755 and files
in foo to change to 766.

Thanks, Jim

How to boot a win 7 hard drive that was in Ubuntu system?

I have a system that has 3 hard drives. Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04 &
Windows 7. Haven't used Win 7 for a long time, but now I have a sudden
need to do so.

When I booted win 7 it installed updates and failed on SP 1. Googling
says a possible cause is SP 1 can't deal with grub. A suggested solution
was to unplug the linux drives and boot with just windows present. When
I try that I get the message: BOOTMGR is missing.

All the solutions I have found require that I use a Win 7 install disk
to fix it, I didn't get one when I bought this system many years ago.

prompts.tab_modal.enabled = false has no effect in Firefox 51

I have Ubuntu 16.04 & mint 18.1 installed. In Ubuntu it has the desired
effect but not in Mint. I think the difference is because in Ubuntu it
was set to false in Firefox 50 and then upgraded to 51, but in Mint it
was set to true in Firefox 50 and was upgraded to 51 in that state.

Google has been no help and trying a new profile does not work either.
Is anyone else seeing this and maybe have a work around?

Regards, Jim

Behavior change in Synaptic

In 14.04 I could click Status-->Installed then do a search for say {uno}
and it would return a list showing just the 4 uno packages I had installed.

In 16.04 if I do the same thing I will get a list of what looks like all
uno related packages available. If I scroll through them I see the same
4 packages installed.

Is there maybe something I set in 14.04 that needs to be set in 16.04
that I forgot about.

Difference between installation restart vs desktop restart

I am trying to install Ubuntu 16.04.1 to a machine I just built. It has
an Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 LGA1151 processor, 32 GB ddr4 dram and a Geforce
GTX 750Ti video card.

The first thing I did was to just "Try Ubuntu". The screen flashed dark
pink then went black. The harddrive led flashed for a while but in the
end the screen remained black.

Then I tried to "install Ubuntu". This seemed to work. The install
screen was at a nice resolution. I checked the "download software while
installing option" and the "third party software option". When prompted
I restarted the machine.

Can't boot 14.04

This morning when I turned on my computer it booted to a guest session
login in prompt on both monitors. When I entered my password the screen
blanked for a short time and then the guest login prompt appeared again.

Software updater ran yesterday or the day before and I think one of the
things updated was the nvidia driver so that seems to be the likely cause.

Right now I am booted to 12.04 on the same machine. What do I need to
do to fix the problem?

Regards, Jim

port 7547 open

Using Ubuntu 14.04
Using an Xfinity Gateway - voice-internet-wireless

While reading an article on the recent ddos attacks I came across
mention of this service <a href="" title=""></a>.

I connected to it and ran the scan and it said I was public on Shodan
and my network was reachable through port 7547. I tried another service
and it also said port 7547 was open.

Can a repository package be upgraded from outside the repository?

When I did a fresh install of 14.04 I choose to install jEdit 5.1 from
the repository. I am not ready to upgrade to 16.04 yet but I see it has
jEdit 5.3 available. I checked and there doesn't seem to be any backports.

I the past I have installed jEdit by adding dl.sourceforge to my sources
list and using apt. So if I did that now would my present install of
5.1 be upgraded to 5.3?

I don't want to uninstall 5.1 and then install 5.3 because of a lot of
customization I have done to 5.1.

Regards, Jim

spaceFM drag&drop to jEdit

I am using Ubuntu 14.04, jEdit 5.1.0, java 1.8.0_101 and spaceFM 0.9.4.

I noticed that I cannot drag & drop a text file from the file manager
spaceFM to jEdit and have it open, but I can drag & drop a text file
from spaceFM to gedit and have it open.

If I use Nemo as a file manager I can drag & drop a text file from it to
jEdit and have it open.

I am wondering if there are any spaceFM/jEdit users on the list that
have solved this oddity?

Regards, Jim

PS I asked this on the jEdit list but apparently no one there is using
this combination.

Hardware Enablement Stack notice?

I've been running LTS releases since 10.04 and this is the first one of
these notices I have received. At first I was confused about it but I
read the wiki and some other links and I have a better understanding now.

I am running VirtualBox 5.0.26 which Synaptic shows in Local/Contrib.
How will running this update effect my VBox install?

Regards, Jim

All apps not showing on Ubuntu 16.04's Software Center

Just upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 on my laptop via the Software Updater.

Looking under the all tab on the Software Center all I see is Featured
--> Firefox and Editors Choice --> Transmission and Calibre.

I thought I would see various categories of apps to page through and

Is this how it is supposed to work?

Regards, JIm

OT Gmane's future

I came across this earlier today and haven't seen anyone mention it yet,
so I will. It seems the operator of gmane is considering shutting it
down. While not directly about Ubuntu, many of us use it to access this
list, so it could affect participation here.

The link: <a href="" title=""></a>

Regards, Jim

Chrome tabs text size

A couple of days ago Ubuntu 14.04 received a few updates and Chrome
updated from to Now the text in Chrome's tabs appears to
be almost twice the size as normal. The way web pages display has not
changed, just the tabs and the bookmarks bar.

I looked through the settings and could not find one to change it.
Googling reveals that many people in the past complained abut the text
being too small and the moderator of a Chrome forum saying it could not
be adjusted.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen and maybe found a

Regards, Jim

Opera & cookies

Running Ubuntu 14.04

Ever since Firefox dropped the ability to ask if you wanted to accept or
reject cookies I have been looking for a replacement. Pale Moon has that
ability but on many pages it is really slow scrolling pages.

I started researching other browsers and found this info regarding
Opera: <a href="" title=""></a>

According to that page there is a "ask me before accepting cookies"
setting. I downloaded and installed Opera vers 38.

Replacing on board NIC

Running Ubuntu 14.04.

I recently upgraded my internet speed to 150 mbps.

How to recover from a display driver problem

Ubuntu 14.04 with Nvida GeForce 9100 graphics with 2 monitors.

I was having problems displaying double underlines in LibreOffice and
when nothing else worked I decided to try a different driver. I had
been running the Nvida proprietary driver. Like a dummy I did not write
down it's version number, but I know the version I switched to was vers
340.96. Numerically I remember the original drivers version was smaller.

Problem using Libreoffice calc with Ubuntu 14.04

Running Ubuntu 14.04, Libreoffice

The problem I am seeing is when I change the bottom border of a cell to
a double underline, I see a thick black line, not two individual lines.

I have discussed the problem on the Libreoffice forum and they seem to
think it is a display problem, but I'm not so sure.

Title bar/menu problem on 14.04

A couple of weeks ago I thought I was having and solved a problem with
the speed of mouse clicks on menus, but I was wrong. I still see the
problem but I think it has more to do with the titlebar/menus than the
mouse. I tried two different mice with the same result.

The problem only occurs in Firefox,Thunderbird and LibreOffice.

If I put the mouse pointer on any menu item in the titlebar and push the
left mouse button the pointer turns into a hand and the menu does not
drop down. In fact if I move the mouse I can drag the window even though
the pointer is over the menus.

How are programs executed in Ubuntu?

Running Ubuntu 14.04.

I recently started to learn the programing language livecode. I have
completed a couple of tutorials and got them to run in the ide. Then I
compiled them as standalone apps. Now I would like to launch the
standalone version.

My preferred method of starting programs is put them on the launcher or
put them in a program called "Drawers" that sits on the launcher and
contains programs to launch.

How to set the single click speed?

I moved from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 and find I have trouble getting drop
down menus in the title bar to drop down.

If I click on a menu as I normally do it just flashes briefly but does
not drop down. To get it to drop down I must tap and release the button
very rapidly.

I've googled and checked various "settings" programs but can't find a

Regards, Jim

Upgrading from 12.04 to 14.04

On 12.04 I have Apache and MySQL installed which I access using
localhost. In 12.04 Apache uses www/files_go_here. In 14.04 Apache uses

Would the upgrade move the necessary files from www to www/html?

Regards, Jim