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Firefox lost my session after update

Anyone else has experienced this? I rebooted my laptop after some time
and newer version of Firefox(60.0.2-1.f27) kicked in. Unfortunately my
session is lost and I cannot seem to be able to restore it in any way.
From what I've heard I am not the only one here in the office who ran
into this.

Broken dependencies for tetex in Rawhide?

I'm getting this error when building a package with dependency on tetex
in Fedora Rawhide:

Problem: package texlive-scheme-tetex-7:svn44187-4.fc29.noarch requires texlive-collection-plaingeneric, but none of the providers can be installed
- conflicting requests
- nothing provides texlive-autoaligne needed by texlive-collection-plaingeneric-7:svn44986-4.fc29.noarch

Is this package broken in Rawhide?

Changes in wireshark package name


the plan to drop the GTK+ GUI [1] was approved by FESCO, so I will be
dropping the wireshark-gtk package in rawhide(currently F29). Also I
would like to propose that we change the name of wireshark-qt. There are
three packages now - wireshark-cli, wireshark-gtk and wireshark-qt.
Since the wireshark-gtk is going away I would like to suggest that we
change the wireshark-qt to something more generic like wireshark-gui.

Package wireshark-gtk going away


the wireshark-gtk is no longer supported by the upstream since
wireshark-2.4.0. You may have noticed that there is new GUI based on Qt
since wireshark-2.0. This GUI will become default and the GTK-based GUI
will be dropped and no longer provided. This change should appear in
Fedora 29.