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Re: NUMERIC type makes trouble in MS Access

Interesting detail: It's not an Access problem.

I've tested it with Python and Libre Office Base. NUMERIC without
precision gets set to 28,6 => like in Access.

Would it perhaps better to use MEMO instead of VARCHAR?
MEMO allows more than 8,000 chars in "Base" and some gigabytes in

But there's not enough space for an additional toggle switch :(

RE: NUMERIC type makes trouble in MS Access

Here an update:

by default, MS Access sets linked tables with "unlimited" NUMERIC
to DECIMAL with "precision: 28" and "decimals: 6" (MS Access names).
Trying to read a value [INSERT INTO public.demo VALUES (1.0 / 3)]
breaks with an error.

When creating the column using NUMERIC(28, 24), MS Access shows this:
"precision: 28" and "decimals: 24".

Re: NUMERIC type makes trouble in MS Access

Some additional information about supported functions and mappings:

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Does PGSQL-ODBC map NUMERIC the same way (to SQL_NUMERIC)?

MS Access: still having problems with NUMERIC

Hi there,

three months ago I reported a problem when using the ODBC driver
version 10 or higher in connection with Access 2010 with field

Unfortunately I haven't received any feedback yet. Shall I ask
the question again?

Best regards,

NUMERIC type makes trouble in MS Access

Hi there,

I'm experiencing problems with the ODBC driver on Windows 7 (and 10)
on 32 and 64 bit in Microsoft Access 2003, 2010 and 2016 (32, 64 bit).

My PostgreSQL server runs on Debian (64-bit): 9.6.7-1.pgdg80+1
Tested ODBC drivers: psqlodbc_09_06_0500 & psqlodbc_10_01_0000

Summary of the problem:
The current behavior of the ODBC driver creates an error in Access,
since the incoming values are longer than the field type. This leads
into a truncation warning (with many messageboxes) and no values
are shown at all.