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High cpu usage

Good day all

Hoping this mail finds you well.

I am hoping someone can perhaps give us some guidance here as we now seem to be stuck on a problem and have not been able to find a solution after more than a month.

We are running an opensips server on Centos 6.5 , using mysql 5.7.13 which was installed via Tarball file.

The server is setup as a slave and master and receives updates from opensips config nodes as well as registrations from workers.

Replication is paused during the day and forward replication (master) is disabled at the moment.

However , we are getting

info on open tables

Hi all

I am hoping this mail finds all well.

I have a question about mysql open tables and open_table_cache which I do not seem to be finding the answer to on the internet.

We are busy investigating an issue on a server where we have erattic behaviour.

During the times when it experiences issues, I found that there is always about 4-5 processes on mysql that gets stuck on "closing table" state and once the software (opensips) is restarted due to a sigfault, then these queries are killed as well.

Based on information found we added grafana graphs and did notic

Optimize fails due to duplicate rows error but no duplicates found

Good day guys,

I am hoping this mail finds you well.

I am at a bit of a loss here...

We are trying to run optimize against a table in order to reclaim disk space from archived data which has been removed.

However, after running for over an hour , the optimize fails stating there is a duplicate entry in the table.

We have now spent 2 days using various methods but we are unable to find any duplicates in the primary key and also nothing on the unique key fields.

Any idea on why optimize would still be failing ?