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Changing $PATH for apt installs

Hi folks,

I'm planning to have apt set PATH to a sane value for running
dpkg, so that maintainer scripts are executed in a sanitized
environment. That value will be:


The effect:

(1) There is no /usr/local, which prevents breakage from custom perl
or python installation

(2) /snap/bin is not included either.

Version regressions in cosmic compared to bionic

I recently saw some packages in cosmic that have older
versions than the one in bionic, so I wrote a script to
check that, and here are the results.

I think we need to be more careful when it comes to this,
and regressions in security fixes (e.g. having a list
of CVE regressions in devel compared to stable).

The script used for this list is attached, I'd like to polish
it up a bit, add team info, make it generate html and json and
have it run periodically.

Note that the script compares released versions from the
old release to the new release.

Live images now get less packages marked as manually installed

Starting today, live images of cosmic will have most packages
marked as automatically installed instead of manually installed,
so autoremoval works correctly.

The algorithm that does the marking marks all dependencies of
manually installed metapackages as automatically installed, so
it should be entirely safe.

That said, you might want to double check images and installs
from them to see if it looks halfway sane. We can watch this
for some time and if all goes well, backport it to bionic for
the .2 point release.

mass SRUing for changing triggers to noawait in progress

Hi ubuntu-devel,

just a quick note that there is a mass SRUing going on (into xenial
mostly) for converting await triggers to noawait, the progress is being
tracked in <a href="" title=""></a>. Help is welcome,
just assign yourself a task first and then complete it. Do note that
there are some pitfalls where triggers cannot be converted to noawait,
like gsettings schemas.

Forwarding this to ubuntu-devel.

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Hi folks,

With frontend locking in dpkg git, I think it's time I clear up
some potential confusion as to how this is supposed to work in the
APT world.

The idea is that the current _system-

zstd compression for packages

Hey folks,

We had a coding day in Foundations last week and Balint and Julian added support for zstd compression to dpkg [1] and apt [2].

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Zstd is a compression algorithm developed by Facebook that offers far
higher decompression speeds than xz or even gzip (at roughly constant
speed and memory usage across all levels), while offering 19 compression
levels ranging from roughly comparable to gzip in size (but much faster)
to 19, which is roughly comparable to xz -6: