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Latest KWin 5.14.2 kept crashing and restarting on my hardware

I upgraded KWin to the latest version yesterday (from Kubuntu backports), and now it crashes frequently.

Kubuntu 18.10 | NVIDIA & Nouveau drivers aren't working properly


On my Lenovo Z40 laptop (Intel Core i7-4510U, 16GB RAM, GeForce 820M), both Nouveau and NVIDIA drivers aren't working. And I did double check if secure boot is disabled.

When I have nvidia-driver-396 and have the NVIDIA driver enabled, "PKCS#7 signature not signed with a trusted key" error keeps getting spammed in separate TTYs. In addition, nvidia-xconfig doesn't see the GPU and had to be manually entered in xorg.conf. Finally, the audio is choppy/laggy.

Re: More diagnostics data from desktop


I noticed in the mailing list that you guys only talked about users who are installing Ubuntu for the first time, not upgrading from a previous version (unless I totally missed it, or misunderstood it):