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xorg crash when xfreerdp?


We are using RH 7.6 with KDE desktop.

We have one application which is using xfreerdp to remote desktop a Windows machine.

For some user accounts, machine's xorg will crash when running this application.

It seems related to xfreerdp, but we know it used to work on RH7.4, but now running the same 7.4 version causes Xorg to crash on 7.6, so it could be Xorg + xfreerdp.

Which KDE setting might cause this crash? I tried to compare the working account with problematic account, but there are too many differences :)



How to disable "Display events" in Digital Clock's Calendar systemwide?


I am still using KDE4/Plasma4 desktop.

To prevent Akonadi process from being started, I would like to disable "Display events" in the Digital Clock's Calendar setting at system level.

According to <a href="" title=""></a>

* To ensure that Akonadi is not started, check that no applications require it at login.

krdc blue screen ?


I am trying to use VNC via KRDC/KRFB to establish a remote desktop session.

For some users, it is working fine.

For some users, all I see is a solid blue screen in the KRDC window instead of the password prompt I expected.

We are using nfs for user home folder.

My user's .kde/share/config/krfbrc all look alike:


Please advise.


How to use VNC in KDE4?


We are using KDE 4.10.4.

I have Vino Server installed and configured to be auto started.

Then I tried to use remote-viewer to connect to remote KDE desktop, but
not sure how to configure it.

Any documentation?


KDE4 - Task Manager - not showing launcher icon?


We are using KDE 4.10.4.

I have one question about the Task Manager widget (X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name=org.kde.plasma.taskmanager).

When I add the Task manager widget to my panel, any applications I run(actually our own application) will not show the application's icon we specified in its .desktop file.

Instead, it will just display the same system icon (X with a circle)..

I already checked all below:

--Make sure the name of the .desktop file matches what the application sets as WM_CLASS window.

--Make sure that what's set as WM_CLASS makes sense and isn't something generic (e.g.

KDE 4 - kdepim - korganizer - no google calendar?


I am using KDE 4.10.5 with kdepim-4.10.5-6.el7.x86_64, which contains

In this version of korganizer (kdepim), it seems the configuration to
include Google calendar does not exist.

The instructions I found for
configuring the tool indicate that you should click settings->Configure
KOrganizer->General and then click on the calendars tab.

From there, click the add button, select Google calendars and tasks
from the list.

I don’t have “Google calendars and tasks” in my version.

Can you confirm if that

KDE - How to disable the Switch User and Lock in Leave Menu ?


I am using KDE 4.10.

I would like to find out how to disable the Switch User and Lock in
Leave Menu.

I don't want to disable Switch User and Lock button in the Leave Menu at
system level.

Instead, I would like to do it at user level.