Postings by Balint Reczey

Migrating Bazaar repositories to Git on Launchpad

Dear Ubuntu Contributors!

Launchpad already supports git but there are still many active bzr
repositories there.

If you would like to migrate some of them to git I'd like to suggest
taking a look at bzr-git-mass-convert [1] based on bzr fast-export
(verifying the result with git-remote-bzr).

Supporting LZ4 as initramfs compressor


Initramfs-tools uses gzip compression by default which served us well
for quite some time but LZ4 offers way faster decompression while
making a only slightly bigger initramfs files.

On my old laptop the initramfs extraction time decreased from ~1.2s to ~0.24s:
(with lz4)
kernel: [ 0.297726] Unpacking initramfs...
kernel: [ 0.535061] Freeing initrd memory: 77940K
kernel: [ 0.301637] Unpacking initramfs...
kernel: [ 0.539109] Freeing initrd memory: 77940K
(with gzip)
kernel: [ 0.273748] Unpacking initramfs...
kernel: [ 1.490066] Freeing initrd memory: 57140K
kernel: [