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packagekit daemon crash

man, i've been having issues like crazy with this 'packagekit daemon' crash. at first, i thought it was my laptop, perhaps, so i used the same usb thumbdrive with the same copy of 18.04.1 on a different laptop and it still had the same crash so i'm thinking it's the actual iso itself, maybe. i downloaded a fresh copy from and i noticed it was a bit larger than before, going from 1.7 GB to 1.8 GB, so perhaps that copy'll do better? hell, i even downloaded and attempted to install the daily live iso of 18.10 and i got the SAME crash.


hey all. i just noticed during a package update that a crash happened.
it says 'packagekit daemon' crashed. i'm running the minimal
installation of 18.04 on a lenovo ideapad 310-15 ABR laptop. and i can't
remember how to file a bug since it's been a longtime since i've done
it. can someone let me know what the terminal commands are for filing a
bug is? i think it's ubuntu-bug 'packagename'. but i need clarification.
and yes, i've got a launchpad account.

touchpad issue

hey guys. What's with the touchpad coming back on after resuming from
suspend? I've got the settings to disable the touchpad when a mouse is
inserted/used, in this case with a USB dongle, and it still comes back
on after i resume from suspend. the only time it's off is when i first
getting booted up but my computer can't go into suspend if i want the
touchpad to remain off. what gives? Any solutions to this? I'll research
further until I hear from someone here.


what's up with kubuntu not keeping a laptop touchpad turned off after
resume from suspend even though that option's turned on in settings?
every single time i close the screen/lid down and reopen it, the
touchpad's back on. i've got it marked to keep it off while my mouse's
plugged in and it never stays off. the only time it's ever off is if i
do a complete power off or a restart. it's aggravating.



hey all. i'm trying to figure out how to program in python and i wanted to find out if the kate text editor supports python 3. i've been reading a manual on python programming and it states some info about running IDLE and when i run the terminal command for it, it goes nowhere.

am i able to just open kate, do some coding, save it as a python file with the .py extension and then run it?

i start school next month and i want to be ahead of the game as much as possible.



IRC username: hangar18

latte dock

Hey all. I'm trying to figure out how to get latte dock installed and running on my computer. I've had it on here once before and now I can't remember how to get it back.


Confirmed! Microsoft Has Bought GitHub for $7.5 Billion | It's FOSS

I'm against this deal. I don't like a corporate giant jumping into our open source community and exerting its influence with money. We of the free and open source software community need to be alarmed by this and if any of you have code on github, I'd suggest you put it somewhere else. Linux is about being open source and FREE and I don't want anything to do with Microsoft. Microsoft, as you all know, is all about the money and their proprietary software that's weak and virus/malware prone. Their closed environment philosophy is against what we stand for.


hey guys, i wanted to put this out there to see if there's a way for it
to be done. you know how in ubuntu gnome (of which is now the standard
ubuntu desktop), you've got dots/dashes over an active icon, say you've
got firefox open and above it's icon there's a dot to show there's an
open window for it. and any subsequent windows for it, it displays more
dots above that icon. is there a way to have that feature in kubuntu?


hey guys. i was just wondering if there's a telegram group for us kubuntu members. i installed 18.04 lts last night and i was having an issue remembering how to report a bug because i noticed one right away. there's no icon for thunderbird in the discover center nor on the desktop or the internet section of the main menu. i'll try it again tonight and then try to remember how to report it.



hello my wonderful friends! i'm a recent convert to kubuntu and! i was missing the awesomeness if this OS! i love it! i just installed the beta 1 of kubuntu and i'm chasing down bugs!


i can't remember if i'm a member of this list or not but i wanted to ask a question.

is it possible to have dot/dash running indicators to show which programs are running like gnome does instead of having the window list in the task bar?

i really like kubuntu and i'm just wondering if this is an option that can be turned on somehow.