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Startup Applications not working in 16.04

I have been struggling to get Xscreensaver and My-Weather-Indicator to run
at startup. I have been able to start both from the command line. Entered
the same commands in Startup Applications, but neither will run at boot
up. Looked at .config/autostart and both are there and the config entries
appear correct. Not sure where to look next.


Setting up Xscreensaver in Ubuntu 16.04

Just picked up a refurbished Lenovo T420. Been working through setting up
16.04 on it and have run into issues with Xscreensaver daemon not running
at startup. Found an answer to the problem. The OP said he went to his
core applications file and found 'screensaver - empty'. He added
'screensaver - xscreensaver' and that took care of the problem. I don't
know which file he was referring to and my google efforts haven't turned up
an answer.

I have already setup the startup applications file command 'xscreensaver

How do I clean up the Software Update cache?

I had a couple *.iso disks in my CD/DVD drive recently. I had looked
at the images, but did not install. Now, i have a software update
prompt and when I go to install, I am asked to put the two iso's in
the drive. If I cancel the request and try to continue with the
updates, it fails to complete them. My google efforts have failed to
produce a solution to the problem. How do I clean this up so that I
can get back to regular updates? I am running ubuntu 13.04.

Partition Resizing Plan

I usually set / at 15 GB, Swap at 2 GB and leave the rest for /home and/or
additional OS's. Right now, I am running ubuntu 13.04 and I am seeing the
used space on / at 82%. I have a 500 GB usb hard drive that I use for back
up. It has plenty of free space. I am thinking of running a live CD and
copying my / and /home partitions to it. I'll delete swap and /home and
resize / (sda1). Then rebuild swap and /home in the remaining free space.
Once I have resized, I'll copy every thing back.

Printer Question

I am planning on replacing my old Epson printer with a Brother MFC-J875DW.
Has anyone had any problems with their cups/brscan drivers?


Looking at an upgrade

My dual-core Athlon is starting to show its age and I am looking at
upgrading my system. I am looking at moving to an Intel i5-3570K processor
and have been checking out the ASUS P8Z77-M motherboard. I don't see any
real issues with it, but I thought I would ask. Any comments or warnings
regarding this MB?


Problems getting GLX running

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 (32bit) on an AMD Athlon. Video is an ATI
RS690/Radio X1200. I have fglrx 2:8.723.1 installed. Both glxgears and
fglrxinfo give me Segmentation fault's. I reinstalled fglrx but still get
the same results. I have yet to find a solution on google. Any help would
be appreciated.


System Settings Missing in 12.04

Just installed 12.04 on my laptop (Axis K601). Systems Settings is missing
from the upper right of the screen. Checked screen settings and they are
correct. Haven't figured out how to configure the upper panel. Didn't find
it in System Settings. How can I correct this?

Missing Panel Menu Items

I am running 10.04 (32bit) on my laptop. The Applications Menu, Places Menu
and System Menu have disappeared and I am trying to figure out how to get
them back. I would appreciate any help you can give me on this.


Update File Mismatch Issues for 10.04

During a recent update on 10.04 (32bit), I had a file mismatch error for:


I tried apt-get clean and apt-get update, but that didn't resolve it.
Further searches on google hasn't produced any other successful solutions to
the problem. I was wondering if anyone could help me on this?


Loss of Flash Sound Support

I am running 9.10 32bit on the desktop. After a recent update to
adobe-flashplugin, I have been losing sound.
Movies from sites like hulu will play, but no sound. I googled for a
solution and tried several. Tried several and nothing seemed to work
until I found a reference to loading
libflashsupport_1.0~2219-2_i386.deb. It is for pulse audio support in
flash. I installed it, closed firefox and reopened, still no sound.
Rebooted and then opened firefox and sound was back. But, boot up the
next day and sound is gone again, and I have to repeat the previous

LibreOffice Installation Question

I was looking over the installation instructions for LibreOffice on
<a href="" title=""></a>. The instructions say that you need to remove
Openoffice, along with the command to do that. But, then it follows
with the statement that removing Openoffice is optional. I find this
to be somewhat confusing. Is it necessary or not?

I have Ubuntu 9.10 on this machine and would like to hang on to the
default Openoffice. If I install LibreOffice, will I run into
problems with shared files? I recall the recent debate on this issue.
But, their didn't seem to be a positive final answer on it.

Dual Boot Question

I have a new laptop coming with Windows 7. I usually just wipe the
disk and do a full install. But, I need to keep Windows 7 operational
and wanted to dual boot with Lucid. Reading through the site, I see there is an issue with over writing the
MBR using the live CD. I am wondering how others have dealt with


Firefox Issues

I am running 9.10 and recently got an update to Firefox. It is now at
3.6.7+build 2. Now when I go to some web sites, it crashes. Or, when
I click on a link, it crashes. I am wondering if anyone else is
experiencing this as well?


USB Not Automounting in 10.04 <Solved - Sort of>

32 bit Ubuntu 10.04 kernel 2.6.32-23.

This is what I have found for the -22 and -23 kernels.

If I have already booted up, it doesn't matter what usb device I plug
in. It will show up on lsusb. In dmesg, it acknowledges that
something has been plugged in, but goes no further. In -21, it is not
only seen in lsusb, but dmesg shows it as there and the proper driver
is loaded.

If I plug the device in prior to boot up, it is recognized during the
boot up process on the -22 and -23 kernels.

USB not automounting in 10.04

I've googled for this problem and went through the forums. I've tried
the references to modprobe -r floppy and doing the blacklist floppy.
But neither has worked. Checked the settings for Nautilus and the
automount boxes are already checked.

Has anyone come up with a solution for this problem?


CyberPower UPS Question

I picked up a CyberPower CP1500AVR UPS. APCUPSD knows its there but
won't talk to it. So far, my google attempts have come up empty. Can
anyone point me in the right direction? If possible, I would like to
not only monitor it, but also have the PC shutdown after a given
amount of time on backup.


Setting up Nvidia Card

I have an Nvidia 8500GT I was going to set up. I planned on backing
up the xorg.conf file so I could recover from the potential black
screen. But it seems that 9.1 doesn't use the xorg.conf file.

How do I set up a recovery plan, should I run into problems with the


Gnome PPP Question

I want to install 9.10 on my home PC, but I am still on dial up here.
Gnome PPP isn't on the Live CD. I have searched the Ubuntu web site
and tried googling to find out if the gnome ppp package is on the DVD.
So far, I am coming up empty on my search. Can any one tell me if
the package is on the DVD?