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New Copr release

I am happy to announce a new Copr release. This time we have focused mainly
on improving a CI experience and freeing up some disk space, but there is
much more. These are some highlights from this release.

- CLI support for managing permissions

Fedora 30 chroots now available in Copr

I've just enabled F30 chroots in Copr.

The projects that have "Follow Fedora branching" enabled, have them
automatically activated as well builds from rawhide forked into them.


Copr is going to remove build data from end-of-life chroots

I would like to let you know, that in the following few days,
you will start receiving automatized notifications from Copr,
telling you about deleting repositories for outdated chroots
and how to proceed if you want to keep them for your projects.

Please read more information about how it is going to work
and our motivation for doing so, in my blog post.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Also, please see the "Outdated chroots removal policy"
in the Copr documentation.
<a href="" title=""></a>


Highlights from the latest Copr release

recently (on Feb 19) a major Copr update took place. It was announced,
but release notes weren't attached. Because a list of all changes
would be long and boring,
I rather decided to present you some highlights of the release.

- Allow per-package chroot-blacklisting by wildcard patterns
You can configure chroot blacklist in package settings. It is applied when
building a package from default source in web UI, copr-cli or via

Web assets in Fedora

I've written a blog post about web assets in Fedora.

Do you bundle third-party libraries/frameworks like jQuery, Bootstrap or
Patternfly into your project and commit them to the git repository?

There is a much better solution how to do it. If you are interested, please
read the article <a href="" title=""></a>