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SMTP filter using geo-localization


I would like to filter SMTP access using geo-localization.

I have installed geoip-bin on my mailserver.

This tool works like nslookup with an IP (geoiplookup @IP) and give
geographic informations about this IP and especially the country (FR,

My purpose is to filter IPs out of my country to reject SMTP connection.

I must made a linux script, on bash (/usr/bin/policyd-geoip).

But I don't know how the script can tell to postfix if the IP is OK or

For postfix configuration I think that I must do that:


policy-geoip unix - n n - 0 spawn


Good sender name


I want to have the good sender name when an email is sending from my

I explain my problem:

I have 5 different servers including my mailserver.

When I send an email from my mailserver with a user (for example :
user=backup) I receive the mail from "backup@server-name".

When I send an email from my 4 other servers with the same user (backup)
I receive the mail from "".

Problem when I send a mail


When I send a mail with roundcube from my computer I find this message
on my maillog :

UNKNOWN[]_ is my box IP

My computer is in the same lan than my mailserver (home network).

I think I have a bad configuration somewhere, postfix or server network.

I takes any sugsestion.


Postfix configuration


Sorry for my english, I'm french.

I have some doubts about my Postfix configuration.

I have a private mail server, at my home, allowing me to have my
personal e-mails ( )

My architecture is the following one (on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian):

- 1 mail server with Postfix, Dovecot, Amavis, Spamassassin, ClamAV

- 3 others severs, not mail servers

I can send and receive e-mails, from inside and outside without any

I use a SMTP relay (my provider SMTP).

I have a domain and the MX record is OK.

But I'm not sure about my Postfix configuration.