Postings by Elliott Sales de Andrade

License change of R-gsl: GPLv2+ to GPLv3


Upstream has made a new release that changes the license from GPLv2+
to GPLv3. I intend to build this later today. Since its main use and
linkage was to GSL which is GPLv3 only, this is effectively the
license the built work is already under anyway.

Unannounced soname bumps: proj and geos


The recent bump of proj in Rawhide from 4.9.3 to 5.2.0 also bumped the
soname from to
The bump of geos in Rawhide from 3.6.1 to 3.7.1 also bumped the soname
from to

These bumps should be announced *before* the build has been made.

Fortunately, as I was already investigating the possibility of
updating proj, I have the list of proj-dependent packages already. I
was not looking at geos, but hopefully the list below includes

%find_lang for non-standard locations


The general guidelines currently state that translations should be
found using %find_lang; this macro provides a listing of all *.mo
files but not their containing directories.

Specifying just the files makes sense when they are in the global
location (/usr/share/locale), but not so much when they are in, e.g.,
the Python site-packages directories.

python?-sip-api is no longer available, breaking python-wxpython4

Hi all,

I am attempting to build the latest matplotlib but it is failing to
install python3-wxpython4 [1]:

- nothing provides python3-sip-api(12)(x86-64) = 12.5 needed by

I attempted to rebuild python-wxpython4 [2], but that did not help. It
was then that I found out that python?-sip-api was removed on purpose
[3], meaning python?-wxpython4 can no longer be installed.

Is this an oversight? Should python?-sip-api be Provided by a
different subpackage? Should python?-wxpython4 Require on something

R-tweenr license change

R-tweenr 1.0.0 has changed license from GPLv2+ and WTFPL to MIT and WTFPL.

Haskell failures: relocation refers to local symbol "" [1], which is defined in a discarded section

Hello all,

All Haskell packages seem to be broken now, e.g., ghc-optional-args [1] or anything on koschei [2].

License change in git-annex

git-annex-6.20180316 has changed license from GPLv3+ to AGPLv3+.

Technically, this was true when I enabled the webapp option in Rawhide earlier, but I did not realize it. However, AGPL code has been merged into the main application so the entirety of the package is now AGPL regardless of that build option.