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Rate Limiting users from different IPs

Hello all,
To overcome scam due to compromised accounts,Currently we are using a
beautiful software <a href="" title=""></a>

However we have a few issues. Generally spammers dont put a lot of
peple in cc or bcc. they send individual mails to a lot of users. This
software counts people in cc or bcc also. This blocks the HR or admin
people sending out announcements or notifications also.

So it needs to be fine tuned as below.

1. Allow a specifc subnet of trusted networks to send without restrictions.

Delays in writing to INBOX

Hello all,
I am seeing consistent delays in writing to disk (my System redhat 7.2
using GFS2 file system cluster)

May 4 10:03:34 mail1 postfix/lmtp[11662]: E4EB75048C19:
to=< ... at xyz dot com>,[private/dovecot-lmtp], delay=50,
delays=0.02/0/0/50, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 < ... at xyz dot com>
IIt4Ejji61o3LgAAuUaIWw Saved)

during major bursts of receiving mailq delays goes upto 600+ also.

GFS2 writing is OK. Not as great as XFS but OK.