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Format of ip address in /etc/postfix/access

Hi all,
Sorry for double posting (if done) as I could not locate my sent mail
while sending through my mobile.

I am curious what is the format of IP addresses in /etc/postfix/access.
i.e. will it understand instead of the common ?


Best practices link for postscreen

Does anyone have best practices link for postscreen implementation.

Thank you

Some mails just stay in Queue.

Hello all,
I am seeing a peculiar problem in on of our servers. Some mails in the
queue stay there forever. of course they are very few just 20 or 30 in
a month.
most of them are from MAILER-DAEMON

3291B6063914! 54880 Mon Jun 17 17:32:24 MAILER-DAEMON
<a href="mailto: ... at datasoftcomnet dot com"> ... at datasoftcomnet dot com</a>

2FF8A601819C! 29081 Mon Jun 17 18:44:24 MAILER-DAEMON
<a href="mailto: ... at datasoftcomnet dot com"> ... at datasoftcomnet dot com</a>


Different SSL certificate per virtual domain

Hello All,
I've googled but a bit confused.
I have a server with an IP hosting two different virtual domains.
Both domains need to have their individual SSL certificate like and to download and send the same.
Is it possible in Postfix if I have only one public IP and achieve same?
Can you guide me to some links if possible.

postfix add warning message for all external incoming emails

Hello Friends,
I would like to make postfix add a warning message for all external
incoming emails - Something like this at the top of each mail.

WARNING: This email originated outside of our organization. Do not
click any links or open any attachments unless you recognize the
sender and know the content is safe

How is this possible in postfix?


Rate Limiting users from different IPs

Hello all,
To overcome scam due to compromised accounts,Currently we are using a
beautiful software <a href="" title=""></a>

However we have a few issues. Generally spammers dont put a lot of
peple in cc or bcc. they send individual mails to a lot of users. This
software counts people in cc or bcc also. This blocks the HR or admin
people sending out announcements or notifications also.

So it needs to be fine tuned as below.

1. Allow a specifc subnet of trusted networks to send without restrictions.

Delays in writing to INBOX

Hello all,
I am seeing consistent delays in writing to disk (my System redhat 7.2
using GFS2 file system cluster)

May 4 10:03:34 mail1 postfix/lmtp[11662]: E4EB75048C19:
to=< ... at xyz dot com>,[private/dovecot-lmtp], delay=50,
delays=0.02/0/0/50, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 < ... at xyz dot com>
IIt4Ejji61o3LgAAuUaIWw Saved)

during major bursts of receiving mailq delays goes upto 600+ also.

GFS2 writing is OK. Not as great as XFS but OK.