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RDO meeting (2019-03-13) minutes

#rdo: RDO meeting - 2019-03-13

Meeting started by mjturek at 15:00:13 UTC.

Request for publishing sensu in ppc64le opstools


Trevor Vardeman <Vorrtex>, Adam Kimball <baha>, and myself <mjturek>
have been looking into TripleO container builds for ppc64le. This led to
finding some missing dependencies. The current one we're struggling with
is sensu.

It seems like all of the dependencies for running sensu are published in
ppc64le-opstools [0]. Additionally, the sensu package itself is noarch.

Packages needed for Triple O Container Builds

Hello  all,

We've been trying to enable tripleo container builds in the centos rdo
community and quickly ran into some problematic RPMs. Specifically,
centos-release-ceph-luminous and centos-release-opstools. They were
problematic for altarch but have recently been patched to work with the
$contentdir var. I set up a test to see how they install, linked below
[0][1], and found that centos-release-storage-common would also be
needed. Adding that seemed to allow everything to install properly. The
test also installs ceph, as the centos-release-ceph-luminous package
just enables a repo.

JJB publishing job status

Hello centos,

Recently <a href="" title=""></a> merged, which adds a
ppc64le version of the rdo-test-day-tools job. However, amoralej had
mentioned that the jjb publish job was currently broken. Is the jjb
publish job down for the foreseeable future? We're hoping to get this
job going so we can iterate a bit more easily on tripleo container
builds for rdo on ppc64le.

Mike Turek <mjturek>

Building Power containers for TripleO

Hello all,

I brought this up at this last month at an RDO meeting [0] and again
this week [1] where we decided this topic might be best suited for centos-devel.

The short of it is that we want to start building containers for tripleo
in the community. We discussed this at PTG and it seems feasible.
Basically the goal is to enable the tripleo job pipeline that builds the
containers and uploads them to docker hub set up for ppc64le.[2]

From the IRC chat it seems like the first step is to identify the
hardware where we could do this.