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Flock 2019 - 8-11 August - Budapest, Hungary

= Flock 2019 - 8-11 August - Budapest, Hungary

The annual Fedora contributors conference, Flock, will be in Budapest,
Hungary from 8-11 August. Event details, including hotel and visa
letters, are all on the website[1].

== Program/CfP

The call for submissions for talks and workshops is now open. For
Flock 2019, we are accepting proposals as issues in the Flock
repository[2]. We are doing this so you can solicit feedback on your
proposal, look for collaborators, figure out who you need in the room,
and who will be there.

FOSDEM 2019 - Distributions Devroom Call for Participation

talks and helpers. Please coordinate with mitzie and/or Mindshare.

Please also distribute this to people and lists which you know would
find it interesting?


The Distributions devroom will take place Sunday 3 February 2019 at
FOSDEM, in Brussels, Belgium at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

As more and more workloads are being considered for containerization in
the future and are finally landing in virtualized environments today,
distributions remain a critical success factor and are more important
than ever.

Flock Update - ~1 month away

An Update on Flock

* New Sponsor

Some of you may have noticed that the ARM Foundation is now a Gold Sponsor
for Flock.

* Tickets and T-shirts

My tardiness at getting t-shirts ordered is to your BENEFIT. The tickets
that have t-shirts associated with them have been extended until tomorrow,
12 July. Get your order in now if you want to be assured of getting a

Tickets that don't guarantee a t-shirt or lunch, will be available until 8

* Transportation Details

Transportation Information has been added to the website as provided by
Amit Shah.