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32-bit odbc source compilation failed

We hope this message finds you well.
We are looking for a 32-bit compatible ODBC driver for RedHat Linux 7.4 64 -bit version for connecting 32-bit application to a 32- bit Data Source.
We downloaded the driver 'psqlodbc-10.02.0000.tar.gz' from the URL <a href=";umid=76FF58ED-6C26-0805-A753-765F80188BA7&amp;auth=ec34f7633709e8bd85e48c7fc0c92c09c079e558-e50cc6da79abab78c719160d67495dc9ce4fc6f9" title=";umid=76FF58ED-6C26-0805-A753-765F80188BA7&amp;auth=ec34f7633709e8bd85e48c7fc0c92c09c079e558-e50cc6da79abab78c719160d67495dc9ce4fc6f9"></a> released on 30-03-2018.

When we try to compile it,which failed with below error.