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Morning List,

If default_destination_rate_delay = 0s this effects incoming and
outgoing que processing...

I'm trying to set the MTA (external emails) to send only at 5 second
intervals would that be smtpd_destination_rate_delay = 5s?

Curious because smptd_ and default_ have the same effect.


Changing queue_run_delay for specific hosts? is it possible?

Hi there,

I want to change the retry rate for yahoo ( etc. I'm wondering
if I can add this to the groups as below with the slower/faster delivery

Will queue_run_delay work as snail_queue_run_delay?

Restricting Emails to a domain per email.

Hi List, Seasons Greetings.

I'm using *destination_rate_delay* to limit emails going out as quickly
is there a setting I'm not aware off that could limit the number of
emails to a particular domain based on a 24 hour block?

If I could get pointed in the right direction it would be much appreciated.


check_client_access not blocking /8 /16 /24 etc.

I'm curious to know what I've done wrong with my client checks file.

I can reject a specific IP but it won't reject when I use net blocks...

Email's from local users - with no accounts.

I think I've config issue.

I have some accounts:
<a href="mailto: ... at example dot com"> ... at example dot com</a>
<a href="mailto: ... at example dot com"> ... at example dot com</a>

I have noticed in the logs that spam is getting though as:

* ... at example dot com* sent to -> <a href="mailto: ... at example dot com"> ... at example dot com</a>

May 27 22:00:05 server amavis[12839]: (12839-13) Passed CLEAN
{RelayedInbound}, [] [X.X.X.X] < ... at example dot com> ->
< ... at example dot com>, Message-ID:
< ... at dcsgaakl01 dot>,
mail_id: aUZXib5w4tLp, Hits: -0.028, size: 1675, queued_as: 56B11204D5,
822 ms

* ... at example dot com* shouldn't be able to send to a local user