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Can't capture vmcore?

I'm getting kernel panics in a VM that functions as a hypervisor, the
moment I spin up the nested guest (on AMD ThreadRipper / Fedora 27). That
is annoying, of course, so I try to be a good citizen and file a bug.

For some reason though, I cannot get the core dumped. I get a core fine
with sysrq, but not with this actual panic.

Short intro


My name is Maxim Burgerhout and I'd like to start contributing to
Fedora development by maintaining a couple of packages. I work as a
sysadmin / Linux consultant for my daytime job. Over the last couple
of years, I have mainly worked with Red Hat boxes. During several
training sessions I had at Red Hat over the past few years, I learned
to create RPM's (amongst other things, of course) and I maintain a
good number of them for internal use.