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Google backup and sync

Hi all.
I need to sync my google backup and sync folders to my ubuntu. I tried a
couple of options gdrive and some others but it seems I can't see backups
but only my google drive.

Any good solution?

sftp user as superuser

Hi all.
We have an sftp server with many users (sftp only) chrooted on their
directory. Those users are connected to an IDM (freeIPA).

All ok except one of those users need full access (rwx) on all the others
users home directory.
We tried with setfacll but I wasn't able to do what I wanna there
are other users (local) need access ssh and the setfacl breaks the
Any idea/clue how to do this?


command to execute

Hi all.
I need to run a simple script ... basically a chmod... when each sftp user
log in into a sftp server.
I tried /etc/profile.d/ etc etc but nothing is working.

Running ubuntu 16.04.


pam,mkhomedir and umask

Hi all.
We have pam entry (below) and we wanna change the umask when a new homedir
for an existing user is created. we modified the umaks but doesnt work.
We have sssd integrated with freeIPA to manage all user etc.

Any clue?

session optional umask=0770



Hi all.

We have an sftp server with 10 users and only *one* needs to access the
other 9 users directory to retrieve/move/remove files.

I tried with setfacl but doesn;t work properly.

I tried
*setfacl -R -d -m u:oneuser:rwx /home*

but doesn't work and if I try

*setfacl -R -m u:oneuser:rwx /home*

it works but if a user create a new directory/files will not apply to it.

Any clue/other solution?


user unknown in virtual mailbox table

Hi all.
We have 2 domain managed by postfix.

When I send an email to an not existing user in the first donain I got back
an email user unknown.....while if I send it to the second domain I don't
receive anything.

Any issue/clue on this?


unknown recipient issue

Hi all.
We have Postfix 2.10 as company mailserver.
I noticed that when I send an email to a not-existing user mailbox in our
domain I don't receive an email back saying unknown mailbox or similar.

What do I need to do on in order to achieve that?


upgrade from 16.04 to 16.10 fails

Hi all.
I tried so many times now but I can't upgrade my ubuntu desktop gomr 16.04
.to 16.10. It starts all seems to go fine but then says

Failed to fetch
<a href="" title=""></a>
Hash Sum mismatch

then it removes the upgrade and can't continue. I guess it is because it is
not be able to find that package? Not sure... cause I can find it on
through the web so maybe the hash.sum mismatch?

Any clue?

2 web servers in load balancing

Hi all.
I ve never done this before so I am asking best practice/info/docs of
how to have 2 apache web servers in load balancing.

- Which httpd module do I have to load in the http conf?
- I was reading that I have to have a web load balancer on top of
them? Is it necessary? Can they accept requests from a cisco /F5 load
- What about persistent connection?
- Also we''ll have a mySQL server? Any more info about this?

Thanks in advance

dynadock drivers for Ubuntu

Hi all.
I both Toshiba Dynadock U3.0 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station but I
found out (my fault) that doesn't work with Ubuntu Trusty cause the

Any clue? I found xf86-driver-displaylink but when I compile it I got
an error and I found the file it's not part anymore of the xorg.


Migrate from partition to LVM

Hi all.

I have ubuntu 13.10 running on a partition on one disk and I'd like
to migrate to a new disk with LVM2.
What 's the best way to do it?
Any procedure/info/doc?


Before I giving up

Hi all.
I posted this issue a couple of times but I didn't manage to fix it so
before I give up of my wireless I want to try to upgrade the driver.

In brief my problem is after a while I am on Internet my wireless degrades
in terms of speed quite dramatically and I tried everything included upgrade
my wireless router which didn't change my wi-fi behaviour.
With another USB wireless everything goes well and stable downloads and so

Wifi speed issue

Hi all.

I have Ubuntu 10.10 and wireless

02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
[Golan] Network Connection [8086:4222] (rev 02)
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Compaq 6710b or nx9420 Notebook

I thoughts was my provider fault on dropping packets or decrease my
internett connections but I found out that my XP computer work great and my
PC on the Ethernet work fine as well.

Iphone issue

Hi all.
Since I upgraded Ubuntu to Maverick I am not able to mount my Iphone so I
can download/upload photos,music and so on.

I searched within ubuntu forums and I found one package wasn't updated and I
was missing idevicepair package.


Hi there.

As I said I am newbie with Drupal but today I figured out how to install it
and ready to go except now I have the welcome page "
Welcome to your new Drupal website!" to start with and I guess I have to
configure my website and so on.

When I press any of those link it keeps showing me my apache welcome page.

What am I missing? Mysql is up and running and php seems working.

Any clue?



Wifi question.....

Hi all.

I have Ubuntu Lucid and I'd like to know if I can and if so how to share my
wired connection within others users trought my wifi device on board of my

Friend of mine did that by a Mac laptop.

Is that possible?



Network Manager and Wicd

Hi all.

I have Ubuntu 10.4 upgraded (with no problems) from Karmic Koala. Back then
I couldn't use Network Manager for my wireless and I installed WICD which
worked perfectly.
Now I am having the same issues.... NM works fine with wired,Mobile
broadband etc etc except I have to use WICD for wireless and
NM for the rest of connections.
The issue is that NM will connect to a wireless but after a few seconds
drops and re-try to reconnect.....and then on and off!

Does anybody have the same issue?



Hi all.
I'd like to jumpstart Solaris 10 from my Ubuntu 9.10 installation.

Which are the steps to do so?
I have already setup in a Solaris VM the solaris Jumpstart Enterprise
toolkit which it works but now I want to try from Ubuntu.



Webcam and audio

Hi all.

I have my webcam and the audio not working.

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my HP Pavillion. I think the audio worked before
but suddenly today doesn.t....for sure my webcam never woked.

Any suggestions?


Partition resize

Hi all.

Dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10.

I'd like to resize Ubuntu partition in order to take all disk (of course Win
7 included) without reinstall Ubuntu.

Does anybody know if and how to do that?



Wifi and Ubuntu 9.10

Hi al.
Just installed Ubuntu 9.10 and all ok except the wifi. My wifi is a Intel
Pro Wireless 3945. I have Ubuntu in a dual boot configuration with Win 7 and
within windows is all ok but when I start Ubuntu the wifi will connect
easily to my router (sitecom) and it ask me the WAP password. After that all
seems ok but after 30 seconds the connection drops and try to reconnect
again then drop again and so on....

With LAN is all ok and I have noticed that if I have wifi connection with no
security seems to be working fine.

Any suggestions?