Postings by Garrett Holmstrom

Orphaning cloud-init, python-boto


My time to work on Fedora cloud-related things has diminished in
recent months, so I have not been able to give the cloud-init and
python-boto packages the care they deserve. They are free to a good


License change: cloud-init

Cloud-init has changed its license from "GPLv3" to "ASL 2.0 or GPLv3".

Intent to retire: axis2c

The axis2c package doesn't build against httpd 2.4, and since it is
effectively subsumed by one of wso2-wsf-cpp's sub-packages, wso2-axis2,
I think it would be better to just retire it. Nothing appears to depend
on that package, but if someone wants to take it for some reason then
please let me know so I can release ownership.

grub1 support in grubby

Given the grub1/grub2 discussion that is going on, I could use some info
about the state of grubby's support for grub1. The virtual machine
images that the Cloud SIG publishes on Amazon EC2 do not require
bootloaders, but they do require valid grub1 *configuration files* to
start. So while these images will survive grub1's eventual retirement,
they will still need grubby to support grub1 configuration files for the
foreseeable future so kernel updates can continue to work correctly. Is
that realistic? Are there currently any plans to kill off grubby's
grub1 support at some point?

systemd not in critpath

Neither bodhi nor mash appears to consider systemd to be in the critical
path. Why is this? Is that the way we want it to be?

@core in F14 pulls in libX11

It seems that the "core" yum group pulls in X11 libraries, at the very
least on x86_64, via the following dependency chain:


Does that much seriously need to be in what we consider a bare minimum
Fedora install?

Old gdm themes

Why are bluecurve-gdm-theme and fedoraflyinghigh-gdm-theme still in the
distribution? The other gdm theme packages were deprecated after F12
(!?!), and I was under the impression that none of them work with
new-style gdm at all.