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: Origin v3.10 rpms released to repo


Following my previous [1] notification, happy to announce the official
release of Origin v3.10 rpms which can be found at [2]

Thank you,
PaaS SIG team

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

: Origin v3.10 rpms available for testing


We would like to announce that Origin v3.10 rpms are available for testing
at [1].

As such we are calling for help from community to start testing and let us
know if there are issues with the rpms and its dependencies.

And in the spirit of transparency see below the plan to promote the rpms to repo:

1. in the next 24/72 hours the packages should be promoted to the test
repo [2] (currently it does not exist, we are waiting to be sync'ed in
the background)

: new rpms available


We would like to announce that new openshift-ansible rpms been made

1. *openshift v3.6* => openshift-ansible-
which can be found at [1]
2. *openshift v3.7* => openshift-ansible-3.7.61-1.git.1.3624530.el7
which can be found at [2]

Untag golang-1.9.4 from Centos PaaS Sig 3.7 Candidate Repo

I'll take care Scott in the next few hours, will update once is done.