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DevConf.CZ RDO Booth Call For Volunteers and Demos!

Hello one and all!

We are gearing up for DevConf.CZ <>where we'll have
our regular booth presence. We'll continue the ManageIQ / RDO demo we
started last year and we'd love to see your demos, too! If you've got
something you'd like to demo via video OR LIVE because you're not afraid of
ANYTHING, please sign up!

We're also looking for people to spend their precious free time answering
questions at the RDO booth. If you're attending, please consider spending
one or more of your free moments with us.

Rocky RDO Release Announcement

If you're having trouble with the formatting, this release announcement is
available online <a href="" title=""></a>

CCS meeting (2018-07-19) minutes

#centos-devel: CentOS Cloud SIG meeting (2016-07-19)

Meeting started by leanderthal at 15:12:10 UTC. The full logs are
available at

Meeting summary

Rocky Milestone 2 RDO Test Days June 14-15

Who’s up for a rematch?

Rocky Milestone 2 is here and we’re ready to rumble! Join RDO [0] on June
14 &
15 for an awesome time of taking down bugs and fighting errors in the most
recent release [1].

We certainly won’t be pulling any punches.

Want to get in on the action? We’re looking for developers, users,
operators, quality engineers, writers, and, yes, YOU.