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Rawhide Rebase Warning to Package Maintainers


This e-mail is intended to inform you about the upcoming Bugzilla changes
happening on 2018-08-14 (Rawhide bug rebase) and what you need to do,
if anything.

We will be automatically changing the version for most rawhide bugs to
Fedora 29.
This will result in regular bugs reported against rawhide during the Fedora 29
development cycle being changed to version ‘29' instead of their current
assignment, ‘rawhide’.

F29 Self Contained Change: Update comps to use Python 3

= Proposed self contained change =
<a href="" title=""></a>

* Owner:

Change the comps groups python-classroom, engineering-and-scientific,
development-libs, cloud-management, font-design, mysql,
robotics-suite, authoring-and-publishing and electronic-lab to use
python3 packages instead of the python2 ones.