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Retiring Gnomebaker


I maintain one of the old CD-burning GUIs in Fedora: Gnomebaker. It served me
well until Fedora 30 but the upstream is inactive for quite some time... The
Gnomebaker dependencies disappeared in F31 (gstreamer-0.10) and porting the
code to the new libraries is not worth the effort for me.

It's unlikely but if there was somebody willing to rewrite the code and
maintain the package, let me know. Otherwise: Gnomebaker is to be retired.


Orphaning xcdroast


I have orphaned the xcdroast package, feel free to take it or let it die. It
should be rebased but since the upstream version relies on the original
CDDL-licensed cdrtools there will always be some undroppable patches required
I'm afraid.


F25 change update: new storaged just landed in Rawhide

Just a heads-up: I have just build the 2.6.2 version of storaged that should
replace udisks2 in Fedora 25. The upgrade should be seamless: Cockpit and
Blivet would need to be rebuilt too to use the new API. The rest of the system
should just work as usually.

Thanks and regards,

C++ preprocessor behaviour change in rawhide

one of my packages (tvtime) failed to build during the mass rebuild. Not a
big deal, I think there are several ways to fix it.

Orphaned cleanfeed

the package cleanfeed is now orphaned. There are no comaintainers: Feel
free to take it.

Thanks and regards,

Heads-up: Dropping .la files from Imlib2

I have removed the libtool archives from the imlib2-* packages. I don't
think they're are required by any other package, but I might be wrong.

If you maintain a package depending on imlib2 and it's subpackages, please
verify this change is OK for you.

Thanks and regards.