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FESCo Request to Retire pgadmin3

I am requesting the retirement of pgadmin3. It is no longer supported
upstream, and it does not work with the version of PostgreSQL that Fedora is

Joseph D.

pgadmin3 & pgadmin4 - No/Non-Responding Maintainer

Fedora is now on postgresql 10.x.
pgadmin3 stopped being supported with postgresql 9.5.
pgadmin4 isn't packaged in the repositories.

Hence, Fedora no longer has a gui for postgresql.

Is the maintainer here that we could get help with this? If not, is
there anyone willing to rise to the challenge?

Status: Itamar Reis Peixoto helped update all the prerequisite packages
(thanks), but there is still no pgadmin4 package in the repositories.

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Joseph D.

Adding pgadmin4 to Fedora repository

Fedora 28 launched with PostgreSQL 10. The PostgreSQL GUI tool in the
repository -- pgadmin3 -- only works through version 9.x.