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Intend to bump soname of minizip (and provide minizip-compat)

Hi all,

I intend to remove minizip from the zlib package and replace it with a more
maintained fork [1][2]. To preserve backwards compatibility and ease the
transition on maintainers of dependent packages, the idea is to provide
minizip-compat and minizip-compat-devel packages in the zlib minizip
package first.

Therefore, I would like to ask all maintainers of the packages depending on
minizip and/or minizip-devel to update their dependencies to minizip-compat
and minizip-compat-devel respectively.

For now this is just a "cosmetic" change without any breakages.

Self Introduction: Patrik Novotný

Hi Everyone,

Since I've just got sponzored - thank you jskarvad :) - it's time for me to
introduce myself. So here's my attempt :) .

I've discovered Linux, programming and the whole open source world about
7-8 years ago when I was at high school and immediately fell in love with
it. Even though I've studied electrical engineering I was much more
interested in software from the beginning. Driven mainly by my curiosity
and fascination by the concept of open source I've learned enough of coding
and Linux administration to get a job as a sysadmin at a smaller company in
Brno (Czech Republic).