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A Friday with Infra

Good Morning Everyone,

As you may remember from [1] the CPE team has started categorizing its
applications into the following categories:

1. We maintain it, we run it
2. We don’t maintain it, we run it
3. We don’t maintain it, we don’t run it
4. We turn it off

In this process we picked the following four applications that we want
to move from the first category to the third:

* elections [2]
* fedocal
* nuancier
* badges

However, we do not want to throw code over the wall to anyone, so we’re
setting up something we called “A Friday with Infra”.

Fedora flatpak remote is not GPG verified


I recently started using Fedora flatpak remote in Fedora 30 Silverblue,
but now I'm facing issue with GPG verification.
I didn't had any issue when installing the application from the remote
few days ago, but when I'm trying to do `flatpak update` I'm getting
"Error: Can't pull from untrusted non-gpg verified remote"

Why the flatpak remote is not GPG signed?