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libiptcdata removal broke Rawtherapee

Libiptcdata was removed due to
<a href="" title=""></a>

Unfortunately, Rawtherapee needs it and is now broken:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I would have expected that only the Python2 subpackage was removed, not
the entire package!

Automating package maintainers responsivity check

Too often there are "non responsive maintainer" messages here.

Sometimes this is because a maintainer has lost their interest in Fedora
and left their responsibilities without communication, which means their
packages can be left unmaintained for long time in repositories before
someone notice that.

At other times the maintainer is still active, but for some reason they
are unreachable to users (email change, etc.).

I would propose some sort of automatic check of maintainer responsivity.

help/info needed: Javascript and CORS - a bodhi <--> bugzilla communication problem


I'm working on a Pull Request for Bodhi web interface to allow
retrieving bugs information when we try to attach them to an update.
This way we can do some checks on the bug we're trying to attach (is it
private? is it a Fedora or Fedora EPEL bug?...) and provide some useful
information in the update submission form.

The problem is that the ajax request to Bugzilla fails, because BZ
doesn't provide CORS headers.