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How do I go about getting kontact/kmail to automatically deleting my emails
from my computer like Thunderbird does? That's one feature that I'd love to
see in kontact/kmail. Is there a way I can implement that?

Charlie "hangar18" Luna

Issues with cdimage server

I'm pretty sure someone already knows this but the server doesn't seem to be working correctly. I downloaded the latest daily build to begin this weeks testing phase (my own schedule), and there's problems with the ISO. I created my startup disk as usual but upon restart, I get a big error box that says the installer's not working properly and I tried this three times and I got the same error each time.

question about QA'ing 19.04

I'm in the middle of testing 19.04 and I found the list of mandatory tasks on and when testing, say the live session, which is what I'm testing at the moment, do I need to actually need to perform a task with each of the programs such as opening a pdf file in okular, a photo with qwenview and/or send and receive emails with kontact/kmail? This is the first time I've realized there were actual tasks to do for QA other than just installing the iso and just using as normal and reporting bugs if and when they occur.


by running the following commands, i was able to fix the packagekit daemon crash: sudo apt update & sudo dpkg --configure -a

i need to learn all terminal commands and functions because this helped perfectly.

Charlie Luna

packagekit daemon

that daemon's crashing in the dailylive ISO of 18.10. i'm filing a bug report. this is getting tiresome. i've had that same crash across two releases of kubuntu: 18.04 and now with 18.10.

Charlie Luna