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OpenDKIM not signing

Based on the responses to my previous question about using OpenDKIM (quite what "standards have not changed" has to do with software bugs makes no sense to me !).

Current ideas on DKIM signing ?


Am currently refreshing my perimeter mail infrastructure.

The current state of affairs of DKIM signing looks pretty miserable!

DKIMProxy seems to be abandonware since 2010

OpenDKIM seems to be going the way of abandonware too (last release in 2015 and the bug tracker filling up).

I've had a quick search on github for DKIM but can't find much of interest.

We all know what software is like, you have to keep it fed and watered otherwise it starts growing bugs (or worse). I'm not too keen on using software of 2015 vintage.

What is everybody using these days ?

Odd "RENEGOTIATING" behavior when calling "RCPT TO" ?

I've never seen this before, perhaps someone can throw light on it ?

Postfix 3.3.1