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Pacemaker and pcs missing in CentOS 8


I've been evaluating CentOS 8 for a while now. I found that pacemaker and
pcs packages (aka "High Availability Addon") are missing in the default
repositories. They seem to exist in EPEL.

Is this a bug or an intention?

There's a thread on the forum regarding this -
<a href=";t=71842&amp;p=302047&amp;hilit=pacemaker#p302047" title=";t=71842&amp;p=302047&amp;hilit=pacemaker#p302047">;t=71842&amp;p=302047&amp;hilit=...</a>


Address extension case folding for aliases


I'm implementing a new feature in our mail system which uses address
extensions for message delivery to user inbox subfolders.

I've found out that alias expansion folds case not only of user part of
address (before +), but it also folds the address extension (after +).

I've setup a basic Postfix(3.3.1) configuration for the purpose of testing
with the following settings:

local_recipient_maps =
mailbox_transport = smtp:
recipient_delimiter = +
propagate_unmatched_extensions = canonical,alias

Alias file contains a single line:
john.doe: doe

If I send 2 messages throug